How Is The Pandemic Playing Into High Stress Work Environments In India?

*The names in this article have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.* According to an article in People Matters, a pre-pandemic survey revealed that 70 percent of Indian workers said they were experiencing stress at least once during the working week on


12 Scenic Cycling Destinations For Sustainable Travelers

Caring about the planet comes in many forms. From building your home in a sustainable manner to growing your own plants, there are many ways to be eco-friendly. With that in mind, if you’re doing your best to lead a green lifestyle, you’re surely always


This Innovative Irrigation System Actually “Talks” To Plants

Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI) has created a watering system that “talks” to plants. This communication between the system and the plants lets the system know when the plants need water, effectively cutting water usage by 30-50%.  RDI is a watering system that, according to RDI,


Blockchain Tech Has The Power To Bridge Economies Across Borders

Cryptocurrency is globally gathering more fame as many obtain potentially huge profits from it. However, their volatility also involves the risk of dramatic losses. Such contradiction creates constant hesitation and confusion among people as many believe cryptocurrencies are here to last while others perceive it


What You Need To Know About The Latest Climate Change Report

According to the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the impact of climate change is intensifying. The rising of global temperatures are continuing at unprecedented rates. Since the 19th century, humans have heated the planet by roughly 1.1 degrees celsius.  Not


U.S. COVID-19 Cases Double As Delta Variant Spreads

The Delta Variant continues to rise within the U.S. as COVID-19 cases more than doubled within the last two weeks. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 47 states are showing recent cases up 10%. The World Health Organization (WHO) emergency committee stated that the pandemic


How The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine Started

The first 100 years of Conflict: The Ottoman Empire ruled over what is now known as Southeastern Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa for over 700 years. At the end of World War I, the British took over the area known as Palestine after the


How We Can Change Today’s New Normal Together

The masks are coming off, groups are once again gathering, planes are packed. It feels like we are starting a new normal with the way things are opening up. But are we really living a new way, or have we just succumbed to a new all-time low?


There’s A Trade Circle Happening In Space And It’s Quite Endearing

The International Space Station is speculated to be the most expensive object ever built. Hundreds of billions of dollar were poured into building the space craft into what it is today. Upkeep costs are also in the billions. On top of that, each shuttle trip


The Oil Industry Had A Tough Year. Can The Vaccine Make It Better?

Oil companies have had a hard year, but it doesn’t look like the pandemic did much to its failure. Over the years, oil companies have had to worry about their impending future of going oil-free. Since even before the pandemic, oil companies were looking at


How To Save The World In Seventeen Steps

Climate change is the number one threat to mankind. Recent scientific evidence has emphasized, and in many cases exceeded, our worst fears of its physical ramifications. Drought, crop-failure, rising water levels, disease, flooding, famine. These are just some of the environmental issues that climate change


Americans Have Been Scammed Out Of $19.7B Since The Pandemic Started

Have you been getting tons of calls from unknown numbers recently? Have they kept coming back despite you blocking the number? Have you been super frustrated at the fact that these people just will not leave you alone? Well, you aren’t alone in that frustration.


Both Sides Cautiously Optimistic Over Climate Change Under Biden

With Joe Biden on his way into the White House, both sides of climate change are cautiously optimistic. The oil industry is banking on Biden’s proposals being fairly moderate. Meanwhile, climate activists are hopeful that Biden comes through with more liberal regulations. From the oil


The Challenges Of Preparing For A COVID-Free Future With A Vaccine

The future of our country has been a hard thing to look into since the beginning of the pandemic. With most of the news being so laser focused on the recent election, it’s hard to even think about anything COVID-19 related, let alone continue to


The Vaccine Is Giving People Hope for A Bright, COVID-less Future

Since the pandemic started, the United States has tried its hardest to get to a good economic place again. The pandemic caused an insane decrease in the economy, leaving many people jobless, moneyless, and in fear that it’ll only get worse. But here we are,

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