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Join the ranks of the most inspiring and innovative writers by becoming part of the exclusive GREY Journal team. We’re not just seeking wordsmiths; we’re scouting for champions of originality, fearless pioneers, and unparalleled trailblazers in journalism. With us, you’ll have a rare opportunity to voice your unique ideas, disrupt the ordinary, and instigate transformative change.


What Sets Our Writers Apart?

Only the most insightful and astute minds can become part of the GREY Journal team. We search for talents who can help us fulfill our esteemed mission of providing “knowledge for the entrepreneur in you.” Your perspective must be unique, your insights profound, and your content original and thought-provoking. We meticulously evaluate each submission on three essential criteria: relevance, uniqueness, and flawless writing.


Here’s what happens after you hit “submit”:
Our editors will carefully evaluate each submission based on these 3 key criteria:

  1. Is it relevant and meaningful to the entrepreneurship community?
  2. Is the information uncommon and interesting to our community?
  3. Is the writing free of errors and a pleasure to read?

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Mark your presence in the world of entrepreneurship by joining our selective community as a contributing writer. Your voice isn’t just heard; it resonates. With no fees or financial obligations, you focus on what truly matters – your unrivaled passion for writing and unmatched knowledge of the business world.


Author Page: Showcase your talent and build your reputation as an elite journalist.

Promotion: Your groundbreaking articles will be highlighted across popular social media channels, reaching new horizons.

Networking: Interview entrepreneurs and expand your connections, gaining insights reserved for industry insiders.

Who do we reach?

GREY Journal’s select readership exceeds 500,000 discerning individuals per month across prestigious platforms like Apple News, Google News, and other major news outlets. Our audience, comprising 59% male and 41% female, includes the most influential entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors.


 Your Role:

Are you an intellectual explorer with a penchant for writing? We’re seeking exceptional individuals to join our team. Submit a minimum of one article per month, with our top contributors crafting three to five masterpieces. Your writing will be supervised, not to confine, but to ensure the elite quality of the journal. You’re free to express and connect with your own website and blog.


Our Publications: Explore our articles to understand the depth and caliber we demand:


Submitted articles should fall within the range of 750 to 2,500 words.”

To get a feel for what we publish, take a look at our articles:

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