Contributor Mission

The world is never in short supply of great ideas. What we need right now more than ever are champions for these ideas. When you write for GREY Journal, we want you to be an advocate of the originals, a challenger to the status quo, and a pioneer in journalism.

What do we look for in a writer?

We’re seeking writers of all backgrounds that allow us to stay true to our tagline “knowledge for the entrepreneur in you”. So if your article provides genuinely useful and interesting information to the entrepreneur community, it is more likely to be published. Your article could be based on a company, a person, or a subject. We only accept original content.

While we can’t detail our selection process, our editors will evaluate each article based on these 3 questions:

  1. Is it relevant and meaningful to the entrepreneurship community?
  2. Is the information uncommon and interesting to our community?
  3. Is the writing free of errors and a pleasure to read?

Why write for GREY Journal?

Your work will appear alongside other movers and shakers in the business. Our readers, which are made up of both thought leaders and curious individuals in various industries, will be enjoying your articles. We do not collect fees from our contributing writers, so there will be no financial transactions .We offer paid topics exclusively through our newsletter. You will also have your own author page to build your reputation and portfolio as a journalist. All of your articles will be promoted enthusiastically on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more. You will also have the opportunity to interview both established and up-and-coming entrepreneurs to expand your network.

Who do we reach?

GREY Journal reaches 300,000+ readers a month through its website and other affiliated channels. 59% male and 41% female. We are also an official publisher on Apple News, Google News, Medium, Flipboard, and other well-known news syndications. Our top audience traits are entrepreneurs, early adopters, and connectors & influencers.

What is required of you?

We’re looking for an idea champion and a curious mind who happens to enjoy writing. To maintain your contributor status, you are expected to contribute a minimum of 1 article per month. On average, our top contributors produce 3 to 5 articles a month.

Your article will be reviewed for approval by our editor to keep a consistent quality of the journal. We won’t micromanage you, so we expect your writings to be engaging, informative, entertaining, and useful to our readers. However, titles, subject lines, and some editing may be made. You are also free to link back to your own website and blog as well.

Submitted articles should fall around 750 – 2,500 words. To get a sense of the types of articles we publish, check out:

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How to apply?

Fill out the form below and get the process started.