The masks are coming off, groups are once again gathering, planes are packed. It feels like we are starting a new normal with the way things are opening up. But are we really living a new way, or have we just succumbed to a new all-time low?

Some of you may not like the points I’m going to make here, but please understand the full intention with which I am making them.  This was not with the intent to upset anyone. The intent is that we have the ability to really bring a new, softer, more loving normal into our lives.

This Past Year

Entrepreneur with rainbow painted hands
Entrepreneur with rainbow painted hands

When I decided to write about today’s new normal, I wanted to shine a light, a very hopeful and optimistic light that during the past year people would come together and become more cohesive as family members, neighbors, and friends. My desire was that this article would talk about how through this pandemic we would, out of need then through common understanding, develop relationships and friendships with people that a year ago we wouldn’t even consider. I was hoping as last year came to an end that the heavy cloud that had been hovering over us for the past five years was dissipating and that a lighter, energy would be taking its place. I was hoping to highlight new feelings of cohesiveness, acceptance, tolerance, and kindness that would start to become more of the norm.

Instead, at the beginning of the year I watched the news and was stupefied by the January 6th insurrection and the rhetoric of today’s politicians saying that it was a day like any other. This, one of the most horrifying events I’ve experienced in my lifetime. To me, it was not a day like any other. To hear about how many front-line defenders were hospitalized, and how many died trying to protect our capital and keep our elected officials safe at all costs. To say it was like any other day truly stops me in my tracks.

Next, the Covid vaccinations start to roll out, but to find that now people’s reactions to someone’s choice becomes not just visceral, but downright nasty. When did we lose the ability to be able to make a choice that may not be the popular one, but a choice nonetheless, without being attacked for it?

Then I start to witness on the news that people of Asian descent are being attacked and killed because they happen to be Asian. These people had nothing to do with bringing Covid to the United States, yet they’re being tried by vigilantes who are most likely of immigrant extraction themselves. Yet, based on the hyperbole that started in the last administration, innocent people are being attacked for just trying to live the American Dream.

I’ve observed the aftermath of the numerous Black victims who were brutally tortured, or worse, killed by the same police that are hired to defend and protect the very people they brutalize. When did bigotry while performing a service become acceptable?

And the latest atrocity, which is not new, just a reemergence of what has happened throughout history, are the random attacks on Jewish people. Jewish people in the United States and Europe are being violently attacked and worse based on a fight that is taking place over 5,900 miles away from the USA.

All that being said, my burning question is, what makes someone think that their beliefs, their ways, or their ethnicity is better than anyone else’s?

I would like to share a wisdom that I learned during my almost twenty years as a Metaphysician, and that is that we are all connected. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what language you speak, or your educational level, we are all connected. As the saying goes; “We are many, we are one”.

“We are many, we are one”

Entrepreneur holding magnifying glass over drawing of diverse people
Entrepreneur holding magnifying glass over drawing of diverse people

When a person holds hate and fear in their heart, the energy of that hate and fear takes on a domino effect, moving from person to person. What if instead of hate, fear, and the desire to control others, we as a nation tried to live in acceptance, compassion, and kindness? How do you think life would feel like then?

Can you imagine the shift in your business or in the company you’re employed by if you incorporated the loving and supportive energies over the ones that perpetuate your limiting beliefs? I’m confident that you will experience a workplace phenom. You and your co-workers or employees will resonate with the new frequency that you will bring to them.

I’d like to invite you to participate in a challenge.

I challenge you to make a conscious effort to stop living from that place of hatred, fear, and control and replace it with compassion, tolerance, acceptance, and kindness. I challenge you to try this for thirty days. See how, in those thirty days, your life can change from the way you’re experiencing it today to a life that can be filled with joy, happiness, acceptance, tolerance, compassion and kindness. Don’t you deserve a life like that? I know I do.

For those of you who take me up on my invitation, I would love to hear how this challenge has changed the way your lives flow, if it has, your perspective and your relationships. I would also like to hear if you don’t feel it has had an impact and why you feel that way.

Let’s come together and make today’s new normal a life where we can co-exist in acceptance, tolerance, compassion, peace, and especially kindness.

From my heart to yours….I send you love.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.