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Since the pandemic started, the United States has tried its hardest to get to a good economic place again. The pandemic caused an insane decrease in the economy, leaving many people jobless, moneyless, and in fear that it’ll only get worse. But here we are, many months down the road…finally starting to see the United States start climbing up the economic rope again.

On the early morning of November 9, 2020, the U.S. saw a massive increase in particular stocks and a decrease in others, and we’re thinking the vaccine has a lot to do with that. Now that the news has been released that we could be looking at a promising vaccine, people are starting to prepare for a semi-normal world again. This meaning normal flights, normal cruises, anything that we thought we might not have access to ever again…we might get. 

Airlines, cruise lines, and bank stocks are increasing all while things that kept us sane during this pandemic are dropping. It was reported that Netflix, Amazon and Zoom have slumped big time and there’s only one cause for that…people aren’t going to be as dependent on those businesses once the world starts to normalize again. Live casino games are extremely common now. They can be played in the majority of online casinos. Casino specialists have prepared an article about the best live casino sites and explained crucial atributes of such platforms.

However, this vaccine is just a glimmer of hope that our country will take control of this virus. Only time will tell how well the vaccine works and what our world could look like as it gets back to what we once knew as normal. For now, it’s best to continue taking all of the precautions that you’ve been taking since March. Wash your hands, sanitize and wear a mask! Slowly, but surely, we are getting through it.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.