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The future of our country has been a hard thing to look into since the beginning of the pandemic. With most of the news being so laser focused on the recent election, it’s hard to even think about anything COVID-19 related, let alone continue to believe it exists. But it does and it is continuing to harm people across the world every single day. With the recent talk of a vaccine for COVID-19, everyone is finally starting to look into the future of our country and find hope there. But with the unknown future ahead, we need to look at the complications or challenges that we may face with this new vaccine.

One major challenge that lies ahead is temperature. Now I know you’re thinking “Temperature? What the heck does that have to do with anything?” Well, the temperature that the vaccine stays at is extremely important. The doctors and the people who transport the vaccine have to keep it below 0 degrees, preferably -112 degrees, in order to keep the molecules in the vaccine stable. It can be anywhere between -76 and -112, but it has to stay extremely cold in order for it to work. It is said that once the vaccine arrives to its location, it can be placed in a regular refrigerator for only a few days before it is considered useless. 

Alongside that, the location of where you get the vaccine can be an issue. Because it is a very new vaccine, it can’t be distributed everywhere to everyone all at once. That being said, you can’t just go into a clinic or your doctor’s office and request the vaccine because it is likely that not everyone will have it. The distribution of the vaccine is still something to be worked out. There’s talk about there being special clinics or mobile clinics that will have the vaccine available, but to be honest we don’t know. They are mass producing the product, which means eventually everyone will get it, but when they will get it is unknown. You must be prepared to travel for it as well. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really think that vaccine will be arriving to the small town of Galena, Illinois the first day it’s shipped (but it may…who knows).

Finally, a big challenge that we will face is going to happen when people are finally getting the vaccine. The vaccine comes in two parts. Think of it like you were a kid again. You needed multiple series of a certain shot to make sure the virus you are getting vaccinated for stays out of your system completely. You went to your pediatrician multiple times within a month to get the same shot. That is going to have to happen with this COVID-19 vaccine. Once you get the first shot of the vaccine, you need to get another one 2-3 weeks later in order for it to work. Something that the doctors are anticipating is that not everyone will come back or something related might happen.

If all of these complications and all of the vaccines get distributed with no problem, we are looking at a normal world by next winter. But for now, we just need to prep for the future ahead. We need to continue wearing a mask, washing our hands, sanitizing, and making sure that we are practicing social distancing. We will get through this, but the only way we can do it is together.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.