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Have you been getting tons of calls from unknown numbers recently? Have they kept coming back despite you blocking the number? Have you been super frustrated at the fact that these people just will not leave you alone? Well, you aren’t alone in that frustration.

Over the past few years, scam callers have been at our throats trying to get our information and our money. However, this year has been the worst of all, despite the global pandemic. Over 31.3 billion calls have been sent out worldwide from scammers from January to October of this year. 31.3 billion! All of these calls have been from real people or a pre-recorded message regarding different topics of discussion.

Now these calls have not been continuous. Once the pandemic first started, the calls died down. But a few months into it, they started back up again and came with what seemed like a new set of plans to get your money. Not to mention they started taking the weekends off to make it more convincing to people that these callers were legit. The took advantage of the pandemic and started using topics like car payments being late or insurance warranties expiring.

In just America alone, these scammers have gotten 56 million Americans to report a loss in money. $19.7 billion was estimated to be lost due to the scam calls and the stories behind the call being believable. And if you try to block the number that keeps calling you… you’ll get a call from a number identical to it but with one digit off. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve blocked a number only to find the same number calling me. And when you try to call that number back, it’ll say that it is a corporate extension, and the call cannot be connected.

These scam callers are everywhere now, so be careful when you get a call from someone claiming you did something you didn’t do. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.