“There’s More Than One Side of Life”

One Side is an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist who resides in Atlanta is focused on bringing his movement, which is “There’s More Than One Side of Life” to the forefront of the music industry. He’s been on the grind for years but lately, things have been

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Founder 1-on-1

Interview with Sky Palmer, aka SkyDirects

Q: Who are you, when and where were you born? A: My name is Sky Palmer, also known as SkyDirects, I’m an American film director and tech founder of pressful.com, a tech startup with a website that aims to redefine the press industry. I was


Leslie Hunt Ascends To New Artistic Heights

“I feel a responsibility to speak out on the things that I feel strongly convicted about, but sometimes it does come at a cost.” Growing up in a family that encouraged the creative arts, Leslie Hunt realized from an early age that she wanted to