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Visual Feeder transforms unoccupied commercial windows into creative digital displays. This is a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their customers in a more artistic way. Sandalphon Capital and Blue Field Capital led a $1.7 million seed round, including participation from Techstars, Lair East Labs, and numerous strategic angel investors.  While teaming with some of the top mall owners and operating in the US, like Macerich Group, the company has already launched campaigns for high-profile companies including Adidas, Lyft, Hilton Hotels, and Parsons School of Design.

Visual Feeder transforms retail vacancies into immersive, digital displays with real-time interaction data and optional lidar-sensor elements that allow passersby to artistically interact with the display through projection mapping technology. This innovative strategy gives marketers a street-level platform to reach the audience with a higher percentage of engagement than traditional billboard advertising. In addition to that, Visual Feeder assists property owners in recovering utility from vacant spaces, generating revenue during periods of low occupancy while preserving a visually appealing storefront.

Eddie and Yaxi Yang, the founders of Visual Feeder, a company that promotes visual art and creativity, grew up in a creative household with parents who were both artists. “We are creating a new platform to bring digital content into physical spaces that manifests a winsome rather than intrusive experience around advertising, transforming how we interact with brands at a fundamental level. Art and technology continue to evolve together to enhance the world we live in today, and we are here to be a part of this evolution. ”

The interaction between brands and consumers should be a two-way dialogue and have mutual value to build genuine engagement.

Eddie Yang, co-founder at Visual Feeder

Given the pressure many merchants are under as a result of the epidemic, Visual Feeder’s foray into the out-of-home advertising space seems especially relevant. According to Coresight data, retailers announced a total of 18,583 store closures from 2019 to 2020, as reported by CNBC in December 2021. “U.S. retail vacancy had already been a growing issue due to e-commerce and a shift in consumer behavior, but ever since COVID, we witnessed a huge influx of underutilized spaces,” says Eddie Yang, Co-Founder at Visual Feed. “We prefer the term visual experiences as opposed to advertising because our tech allows for an immersive and interactive experience which allows the user to engage with our visuals as opposed to just seeing them,” he added.

an effortless solution for modernizing and monetizing their spaces until they are leased.

Yaxi Yang, co-founder at Visual Feeder

This round of funding will help Visual Feeder build its network of digital displays and create a national marketplace for today’s leading brands, including live displays in Chicago, New York, and the San Francisco Bay area.