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Interview With A Filmmaker Who Wears Many Hats: Jeongwon Lee

The art of creating a visual piece, be it a painting, statue, or a film, is dependent on the eyes of the beholder if it grabs their attention long enough. When it comes to this basic fact, filmmaker Jeongwon Lee took this into account and


Dancing His Way To The Top: Justin Corbo

The art of dance is a true form of human expression in so many ways. It is said the first recorded dances were in India and Egypt, but also in Greece and China. Those types of dances were either to honor a deity or to


Brenda Pond Surprised Us Again With A New Venture

When it comes to being multifaceted, no one takes the cake better than the stunning Brenda Pond. She has worn many hats during her entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Currently, she has reached into her inner soul and spirit to tap into the Reiki


Asian Import Vivi Hu Breaks Out With A New Single

It is no wonder that the stunning and talented songstress Vivi Hu has become an emerging talent on the U.S. music scene. Her musical style is a fusion of jazz, R&B, soul, and Mandarin pop. She has managed to blend her cultural roots into her


Triple Threat Film Maker Ryan Tian Making Creative Strides

Sometimes it takes meeting the right people to realize what you’re made of. This is exactly the case for editor, videographer, and director Ryan Tian. From a young age he was always taken in by the beauty and creativity of filmmaking, but was not sure


Creative Cinematographer Builds On His Unique Talent

In the film business one of the least talked about elements that goes into making a film is cinematography. It is not an easy discipline or task to perform and excel at and there are only a few people that are universally known to the public


Setting The Record Straight On Overall Health Worldwide

In the capital city of Anchorage, Alaska, one woman decided to take on the health epidemic and fight it till she succeeded. That woman is entrepreneur and medical professional, Zoi Maroudas, who has almost single-handedly spearheaded a new way of feeding our children and ourselves. Coming


Award Winning Film Editor Muyun Zhou Explores New Challenges

“When I was 15, I watched Independence Day for the very first time. I was so shocked by all the various special effects that were turning imagination into reality. After watching the film, I carefully watched the credits at the end. When I noticed the


A Tour You Can’t Refuse At The Vegas Mob Museum

I had the pleasure of visiting the Vegas Mob Museum not long ago and was floored by what it had to offer. As a mob historian, the museum offered me a journey that I will not soon forget. Each floor offered a different layer of


Brenda Pond Debuts Finderspage, A Free Alternative To Craigslist

There are not many who can juggle more than one talent, but the stunning Brenda Pond has managed that amazing feat. The Native American entrepreneur has done everything from modeling to acting. She was born in Chicago but raised in Texas then moved to L.A.


Advice For Becoming A Successful DJ

Dimitri Tee has always had a love for music. As a young boy, he surrounded himself with all different types of genres; he listened to rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, new wave, classical, the international sound, and, of course, house music. When he was in