There are not many who can juggle more than one talent, but the stunning Brenda Pond has managed that amazing feat. The Native American entrepreneur has done everything from modeling to acting. She was born in Chicago but raised in Texas then moved to L.A. to work on her career. It would become evident that she was cut out to be a businesswoman with many ideas of how to profit from her innate creativity.

“I’ve always just been very career driven and determined. Multitasking goes a long way with it too. I have enjoyed it all and learned so much throughout the years. Take it day by day.”

Brenda Pond

Brenda at first was attracted to the film business and managed to take on an important role in the project “Wolfmother” which received much praise at the Chinese Theatre in L.A. She also became a child ambassador for the organization World Vision. Her desire to help others in a charitable way has always played a big role in her life. In L.A. she volunteered at a children’s toy drive blood donation at a children’s hospital with well-known actor Danny Trejo. As we mentioned earlier, she is always looking for new ways to re-invent herself in business, from her brand La Bella Organics to her current brand Finderspage.

What is Finderspage?

With the tragic experience of Covid-19 Brenda used that down-time to be creative and think of ways to develop a new game-plan and she did just that when she gave birth to the brand Finderspage. The brand is a site where businesses can promote and advertise their services to a larger audience.

Finderspage logo
An Affordable Job Listing Site for Small Business Owners

The site is designed to offer users of the platform the ability to create legit free listings along with a separate section so they can advertise their business at affordable prices. Currently, the site has recently been relaunched to a more improved platform. It is a unique site since like others it will not charge for every little thing. It is especially geared towards small business owners to help expand their exposure. Unlike other sites like Craigslist, Finderspage is tailored to the user and takes on a more personal touch. Here you can connect on a personal level not only with the ones advertising but also with reps of Finderspage.

On Finderspage, you can sell, buy, and post-free listings anytime. The ad features that the site will offer will be customized to the client’s specifications. Even though the pricing plan is still being managed, it will be set up for all types of budgets. Brenda is hoping to entice small business owners who are trying to resurface after being isolated for so long. To find everything and anything for your business or to search for the right help, Finderpage is the place to go.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.