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International singer, producer, and songwriter Feifei Yang has offered her talents to bring a universal song of hope during this difficult time. We had the opportunity to chat with her about how the project came to be and what her future plans are musically.

Chinese songwriter Feifei Yang singing at Blue Note Beijing
How did this project come about and how did you fit in?

I started working on the first project that supports people in Wuhan, China who are suffering from and fighting against coronavirus in February. The song is called “Heroic China”, composed by the well-known composer Liu-nian Bian and lyrics by Chinese poets Qiang Shao and Wei Qiao. I was the singer and co-director.

Later that month, a friend called me and told me that Xi-an Jiaotong University produced a song in Chinese called “Tough It Out” that also supports people in China. The writer, Professor Zhong Jin, and composer, Shan Zhang, wanted to find someone to make an English version. I was very interested so I wrote the English version for that song called “Love Will Win Again”.

What makes this project more special than others you have taken part in?

“Love Will Win Again” was adapted in 9 different languages so far. They are either translated or rewritten by local artists and Chinese artists all around the world. This may be the only song produced in the fight against coronavirus that is in multiple languages and with artists of different backgrounds, which signifies diversity.

How did you learn about the project and how were you able to receive approval to adapt it for an American market?

It is unfortunate to see how the pandemic is spreading all over the world and how much pain and panic it has caused. As an artist, I feel it is my duty to keep producing works that give people hope and help everyone get through this tough time. I believe that love will help us win this war regardless of our nationalities, race, gender, culture background, or whatever language we speak. So, I never thought about how to adapt to a certain market. Rather, I think this is the right thing to do in order to help people with love.

Who else joined you on working on the song?

It was written in 8 other languages by: 

Chinese Lyrics: Zhong Jin
Composer and singer: Shan Zhang

Japanese Lyrics: Shin-ichiro
Singer: Youyan Pan

Italian Lyrics and singer: Alberto Casartelli

Arabic Lyrics and singer: Hanady Owis Mohamed

Russian Lyrics: Yulu Wang
Singer: Нечай Анна 

German Lyrics: Xiaochao He
Singer: Michael Juergen Schmittbetz

French Lyrics: Jie Yang
Singer: Rui Shi

Spanish Lyrics: Tao Yu
Singer: Pei Tian

Having the Governor practically quote the title must have felt amazing. Do you think he heard it?

That would be great if Governor Cuomo heard it, but I have no idea. I was so thrilled when I heard him say: “Love wins, always. And it will win again,” on his speech on March 27th. I wrote the song and recorded it in early March, so I think it must be a coincidence that we have the same faith that love will win this war. I join a cheerful crowd every day at 7pm from my home at upper west side New York. We clap and shout out as a “thank you” note for all the frontline responders and for all the essential workers who are still working to keep our life in order. I’m so moved every day. The love I have felt is tremendous. It is unfortunate that we are experiencing this pandemic, but I feel so fortunate to be able to give and receive so much love around the world.

What else is in the horizon for the stunning Feifei Yang?

Right now, I’m creating more musical works with musicians and friends to support people spiritually. This is a tune from the Tang Dynasty my friend and I just covered with Chinese instruments at home called “A Tune of Qing Ping”—a story happened in a spring.

I’m also very excited to see so many musicians and artists who are creating fantastic works during this special time to support everyone. I also want to send everyone a message that no matter where you are, how lonely you are, or how desperate you feel, there is always someone who cares about you and loves you, even though we have never met. So be strong and be positive. Together we will definitely win.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.