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When it comes to being multifaceted, no one takes the cake better than the stunning Brenda Pond. She has worn many hats during her entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Currently, she has reached into her inner soul and spirit to tap into the Reiki technique and offer it to others who are searching for that peace we all crave.

She has, under the assistance of her mentor, become a Reiki Practitioner. Since taking on this technique she has offered others Mediumship readings, Healing sessions, and Certified Training courses. The practice is an ideal conduit to such activities like Yoga, Massage, Fitness, Therapy, Nurse, Caregiver, Tantra, Rehabilitation, Animal Services.

For those who do not understand what the technique is, they will learn that it is a healing tool. Brenda who has learned the method helps a patient to release all and any negative aspects be them physically or mentally. It is a technique that is open to all types of people. Brenda learned of her inner ability as a healer at an early age, but was afraid to tap into it.

“Since I was a little girl, I discovered my gift. I was a healer.  I was afraid when I was a young child what I was experiencing. In doing so, I blocked my abilities because I had no idea what was going on. My mentor has recently helped me tap into it. I honestly feel when I got away from all the negativity in my life and began to do reiki again. My vibrations became so high that I opened a portal to a higher power to connect with the spiritual realm.” Call me crazy, but it’s a true story.

Brenda has used her skills to be in contact with loved ones who have passed on for her clients. Her sessions run from thirty to forty minutes depending on how much the spirit wants to convey or how much energy they have. Every reading is different from the other one and unique. Her part is to deliver as much information as possible to her clients, so they have closure, let go of burdens, and most importantly heal from it. 

“How it works is I usually just ground myself before I do any reading. I then ask the spirit coming through to connect with their loved ones to validate information, I feel in my heart, I also can smell, and I feel in my body where the loved one has passed on from. I just channel the energy (messages) that go through me, and I deliver. That is the best way I can explain it. I also ask God or whatever higher power who is guiding me to only bring me loved ones that are in his light, so I’m always Protective.”

Brenda who has been an actor and the Founder of FinderPage never imagined that she would be doing this type of work for a living. Yet she has managed to build a dedicated client base. She began her mediumship readings three months ago professionally. Since then, people have come up to her and are intrigued and have flooded her with questions.

Her reiki training is usually completed in two sessions depending on what class one takes. There are four levels in Reiki training. Level one is to heal yourself or close friends/ family. Level two is so you may work professionally on clients. Level three just helps lift your vibrations higher. Level four is when you become a Reiki Master Teacher like Brenda. So you may teach others. Also, all the levels her students receive symbols and attunements to help in healings, a certificate, manual, and lifetime support.

For anyone interested in this type of healing and spiritual outreach just go to Brenda’s website here. She does in person sessions in Los Angeles, Ca. And of course, she offers virtual as well.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.