Climate Change


Could AI Usher in an Era of Abundance and Solve Humanity’s Biggest Problems?

Philosopher Nick Bostrom, known for pushing the alarm button on the hazards of artificial intelligence (AI), is known for focusing on the existential risks that humanity faces, particularly with technology advancements. His prominent work, “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies,” published in 2014, shed light on the


Climate change, clothes, and the Circ vs Parade challenge.

You may be wondering about the climate after President Obama signed the large legislation package last week. Or perhaps you’re wondering about the clothes you will wear.The tech publication TechCrunch says that the fashion industry accounts for four to ten percent of the world’s carbon


How Natural Disasters Are Affecting Businesses

Climate change is affecting all areas of life, including businesses. Natural disasters are becoming a common occurrence within the United States and are projected to rise. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudslides – these can cause any business to suffer physically and economically. Here are a few


This Innovative Irrigation System Actually “Talks” To Plants

Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI) has created a watering system that “talks” to plants. This communication between the system and the plants lets the system know when the plants need water, effectively cutting water usage by 30-50%.  RDI is a watering system that, according to RDI,


What You Need To Know About The Latest Climate Change Report

According to the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the impact of climate change is intensifying. The rising of global temperatures are continuing at unprecedented rates. Since the 19th century, humans have heated the planet by roughly 1.1 degrees celsius.  Not


Businesses That Cause Carbon Pollution Are About To Pay A Huge Price

The global price of carbon is at an all-time high. April 2020 marked the first moment in history that a metric ton of carbon was traded for over $50 in Europe. Since then, the global prices of carbon have continued to rise at a record-breaking


7 Environmental Startups To Watch Updated For 2022

As environmental concerns grow, so do eco-friendly, sustainable companies. A large percentage of the trash in the ocean comes from businesses and corporations. Additionally, only 20% of what we recycle actually ever does get recycled. We can make a positive impact on the environment by


Some Texans Are Receiving $6,700 Power Bills After The Snowstorm

We all know about the insane storm that hit Texas recently, and if you don’t know about it…well, Texas literally froze over. And I mean single digit degrees, froze over. It was a horrible and sudden event that Earth decided to throw at Texas, taking


This Startup Is Getting Us One Step Closer To A Plastic-Free Earth

Big things are coming in Los Angeles next month. After starting and testing their operation in the San Francisco Bay Area, startup Zero is gearing up to launch in L.A. in February. Zero is a plastic-free grocery delivery service that works directly with suppliers to sell


The Oil Industry Had A Tough Year. Can The Vaccine Make It Better?

Oil companies have had a hard year, but it doesn’t look like the pandemic did much to its failure. Over the years, oil companies have had to worry about their impending future of going oil-free. Since even before the pandemic, oil companies were looking at


How To Save The World In Seventeen Steps

Climate change is the number one threat to mankind. Recent scientific evidence has emphasized, and in many cases exceeded, our worst fears of its physical ramifications. Drought, crop-failure, rising water levels, disease, flooding, famine. These are just some of the environmental issues that climate change


Both Sides Cautiously Optimistic Over Climate Change Under Biden

With Joe Biden on his way into the White House, both sides of climate change are cautiously optimistic. The oil industry is banking on Biden’s proposals being fairly moderate. Meanwhile, climate activists are hopeful that Biden comes through with more liberal regulations. From the oil


Eat Your Mussels—How Sea Farming May Solve Imminent Food Shortages

Six miles off the coast of Long Beach, CA you will encounter a series of unassuming buoys bobbing gently over 100 acres of seawater at the Catalina Sea Ranch. What these sea farming entrepreneurs are growing underneath may just solve a multitude of the world’s


The 24 Year-Old CEO Of A Multi-Million Solar Startup

The world is full of fearless innovators. Meet the Rising Stars making a difference in their communities and industries. Who is Jared McKenzie? Jared McKenzie is the CEO and founder of Headline Solar. At only 24 years-old, he has been working in the solar industry


How Veganism Can End Climate Change

There has been a rise in veganism these past few years and it is steadily increasing. Nearly three million people are trying to go vegan in 2019 and the demand for vegan options has restaurants and well-known brands accommodating these requests. McDonald’s has released a