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As environmental concerns grow, so do eco-friendly, sustainable companies. A large percentage of the trash in the ocean comes from businesses and corporations. Additionally, only 20% of what we recycle actually ever does get recycled. We can make a positive impact on the environment by making lifestyle changes, and these 2021 environmental startups can help with that. Including eco-friendly products and environmental practices, such as recycling and green energy companies. By supporting sustainable businesses, other companies can follow suit and go green as well. Green businesses can practice recyclable/biodegradable items and packaging, omitting single-use products, and practical sourcing. Sources should come from ethical and environmentally clean factories and workspaces with Carbon-neutral shipping is a plus. Here are some Earth-friendly businesses to support.

Green Products

Green products mean that items are reusable (meant to last a lifetime) and are often made from recycled products, or are upcycled. If you cannot reuse it, then users can recycle it or it’s biodegradable. From reusable home products with all-natural cleaners to bracelets made from ocean plastic, pick up something new that you and the Earth will love.


Grove focuses on reusable household products. They send a glass spray bottle and tablets, then you fill the bottle up with water, drop a tablet in, shake, and you have yourself a kitchen cleaner. Then, once it’s empty, fill and drop in another tablet. Repeat. This will cut down on cleaner bottles that get thrown away or rejected from recycling centers. They also offer eco-friendly sponges and towelettes. Additionally, Grove collaborates with other eco-friendly brands, such as Ms. Meyer’s.


We know plastic is a problem, and those big laundry detergent jugs are only making things worse. Earthbreeze solves this by selling laundry strips. Just take a sheet out, and drop it in. And, the packaging is biodegradable! Not only will this help cut down on plastic waste, but also on water consumption. Also, because laundry strips weigh far less than heavy jugs, it lowers CO2 emissions from shipping.


We love the beach, let’s keep it clean. 4ocean started by selling bracelets made from recycled marine plastic. They did this with the promise of pulling one pound of trash out of the ocean with each purchase. Now, they’re growing and are offering a huge variety of bracelets and reusable/recyclable products, such as wooden cutlery. All proceeds fund their marine clean-up projects.

Nifty Nerdy Co.

Nifty Nerdy Co. offers cool recycled/upcycled products, such as pens made from whiskey barrels. They offer home and office products, nerdy needs, soaps, and much more. They seemingly have everything, so you can shop all your Earth-friendly products at one stop. They’re a small business as well.

Recycling and Earth-Healing Projects

Another problem is discarding bulky items, such as mattresses and furniture. Going to the dump may not be an option for everyone, but these options below are. There are environmental startups and recycling programs dedicated to taking in stuff that would otherwise go to a landfill.

International Recycling Group

International Recycling Group dedicates itself to properly recycling all types of plastic. They are currently building the largest plastic recycling plant in the world. By using technology to divide the plastic up, each type of plastic can be recycled accordingly and is faster than sorting by hand.


TerraCycle is here to take items that aren’t feasibly recyclable and gives them a new life. Also, they partner with popular brands to help them re-use their packaging. For example, if you use Aussie beauty products, then you can send your empty shampoo bottles or other containers back, and they will refill and send it back to you. This helps cut down on bulk landfill waste and on carbon emissions.


Vericool is giving plastic packaging a run for their money with plant-based packing material. They produce various types of package accessories, such as cooling packaging that will keep candles and other heat-sensitive items from getting hot during transit.

Only *You* Can Prevent Landfill Waste and Climate Change

While it can seem insignificant for an individual to make the switch to green, you are doing more than you think. First, you are joining millions of others in conservation efforts. Also, remind yourself that small changes are better than continuing to contribute to the problem. Secondly, as word gets out and more people start shopping for eco-friendly products and practice no waste, it can spread influence and more people join the Green Tribe. Eventually, companies will soon follow and keep up with the demand for sustainable products and practices. By supporting eco-friendly businesses, you can help them win over impractical and environmentally harmful corporations. One voice at a time, we can globally make a positive impact on Earth.

Let us know what your favorite eco-friendly store is, or if you know any other environmental startups! Feel free to reach out to Jada for more environmental awareness.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.