Big things are coming in Los Angeles next month. After starting and testing their operation in the San Francisco Bay Area, startup Zero is gearing up to launch in L.A. in February. Zero is a plastic-free grocery delivery service that works directly with suppliers to sell food as well as other household items that are in sustainable packaging. They offer next-day delivery which is super awesome for all of those who are used to Amazon Prime and who need their groceries ASAP.

Zero works with some big-name brands like Annie’s, Newman’s Own, and Sightglass Coffee. They are also a member-based service which provides you, the member, with discounted prices and free deliveries. However, if you find that you just want to test it out, you don’t need to become a member right away. You can use Zero without the membership with a delivery that costs $7.99, which is not that bad for getting things delivered the very next day. 

In total, there are just over 1,100 items available, but because this grocery delivery service is so new, it isn’t expected that they will have all of the normal brands you get. Certain items may not be available, but the service being so easy outweighs that slight inconvenience. 

If going plastic-free and using sustainable items is something that you are interested in, this startup might be for you. They make sure to spend time, effort, and energy into making their products are plastic-free, starting in the very beginning. The farms that Zero work with ensure they wrap their meat in plastic-free and compostable paper. They are making sure that they are active in the fight for the environment. Being plastic-free from the moment a chicken dies to the second it gets to the customer is creating a shift in the food industry. Although it is a small change, it is creating a large movement.

What are your thoughts on Zero’s plastic-free delivery service? Would you give it a try?

This article originally published on GREY Journal.