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In case you disagree, Bill Gates seems to think that finding a way to stop cows from burping is a million-dollar concept.

The wealthy co-founder of Microsoft allegedly invested money in studies on livestock diet additives and sponsored an Australian firm trying to reduce methane emissions from cows.

According to a news statement, the climate technology startup Rumin8 received $12 million from Harvest Road Group and Bill Gates’ organization, Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

Rumin8 researches ways to lower the emissions produced by cattle, and their most recent project discovers “anti-methanogenic characteristics” that may be created effectively and inexpensively to eventually feed to animals.

The dietary supplement is made synthetically from bromoform, an active component of red seaweed that prevents the production of methane.

According to a news statement, Rumin8’s most recent financing round intends to strengthen brand development and advance the dietary supplement toward commercialization.

According to BEV founder and managing partner Carmichael Roberts, “the desire for sustainable protein has never been more clear, which is why BEV is highly interested in lowering methane emissions from cattle and dairy.” “Rumin8 provides a scalable, low-cost toolset that has previously shown to be successful in lowering emissions. Our group will assist Rumin8 in extending the worldwide reach of this solution by collaborating directly with farmers.

Gates has previously advocated on the world’s richest nations to switch from beef to plant-based alternatives in order to combat climate change.

Gates describes the steps required to stop greenhouse gas production in his book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” The billionaire software developer and philanthropist talks about the policy adjustments and technological advancements required to help reduce the most carbon-intensive industries, including steel, cement, and agriculture, where the production of livestock accounts for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions that trap heat and warm the climate.

According to sources who spoke to Charlie Gasparino of FOX Business, residents of Sun Valley are upset that moguls’ corporate planes interfered with other flights.

Gates stated that plant-based beef alternatives are the only practical solution in 2021, stating that it would be nearly hard to completely eliminate emissions from burping cows and fertilizer to minimize methane emissions.

“There are several instances when alternative foods are given to the animals, such as one substance that results in a 20% reduction in methane emissions. But regrettably, the methane-producing bacteria in their digestive systems are essential for breaking down the grass. I’m not sure if there will be a natural approach there, therefore. I’m concerned that at least the meat problem will necessitate the use of synthetic [protein substitutes like plant-based burgers]”.

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