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5 High-Profile Travel Methods For Celebs and Influencers

In the realm of celebrities and influencers, jet-setting isn’t merely about getting from point A to point B; it’s a carefully orchestrated spectacle of luxury, exclusivity, and style. From private jets to bespoke travel experiences, these high-profile personalities spare no expense when traversing the globe. 


Fashion Culture: The 2022 Met Gala Explained

The first week of May was an extravagant, luxurious experience for popular and mainstream celebrities. The prestigious fashion event, The Met Ball, otherwise known as The Met Gala, took place. This year’s theme, Gilded Glamour, showcases the American Era of the Gilded Age (1870 –


This App Lets You Snag Celebrity Endorsements For As Little As $15

Meet and greets have always been a popular event between celebrities and their fans. However, with the pandemic in full swing this past year, obviously it was not the time nor place for meeting with your favorite singer, actress or influencer. For this reason, personalized


What Is Kerry Washington’s Newest Business Investment In Aurate About?

If being an Emmy Award-winning actress, mother, activist, and online yoga instructor wasn’t enough, Kerry Washington is also a business investor. It was announced earlier this week that Olivia Pope (aka Mira Gaffney to my fellow Psychos) has invested an undisclosed amount into startup Aurate,


What Actors Can Teach You About Building A Brand

There is an infamous story about the making of the movie Cop Out. For those of you who didn’t see it, and not many people did, this was a buddy cop movie directed by Kevin Smith at the tail end of his Clerks and Jay


Don’t Worry, Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Leaving Aviation Gin…Yet

Earlier this week, it was announced that Diageo is buying Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin for $610M. Diageo is a multi-national beverage company headquartered in London and one of the largest distillers in the world. In 2017 Diageo also bought Casamigos, the Tequila brand founded


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is Now The Owner Of The XFL

Former wrestling star turned action hero Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, together with his ex-wife his, Dany Garcia, is buying the XFL American Football Club. Johnson played football up until college, but did not make it into NFL. He is now driven to invest in the


10 Celebrity Entrepreneurs to Watch for in 2020

These celebrities are well known for their success in the spotlight but they’re not limiting themselves to one area. This is a list of the top ten celebrity entrepreneurs to look out for this year. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — Teremana Tequila https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia_h518Bq8k Dwayne Johnson,


Unique Ways People Are Donating To Help Save Australia

The beginning of 2020 was a wakeup call for our planet Earth as bushfires spread throughout the country of Australia. The fires have caused thousands of people and animals to flee as the sky burns with reflected redness of fire. However, this inferno has been


Ja Rule Announces Ownership Of First Ever Paid Women’s Football Team

In a tweet Labor Day afternoon, R&B artist Ja Rule announced he’s the owner of one of the first ever professional women’s football teams to pay its athletes. By doing so, he joins a long list of musicians who own sports teams, including Justin Timberlake,


10 Celebrities With Their Own Liquor Companies

Everyone likes to unwind with a drink now and then. After a long day on set, it only makes sense that celebrities would want to take their love of liquor and turn it into an investment. Here are 10 celebrity entrepreneurs with their own liquor