We can all agree that the long, grueling lockdowns for the majority of 2020 have caused us to put life on pause. Things we once kept up with now seem to be on halt. Similarly, new routines have been put into place. For us guys, the one most recognizable now changing trend across the board has been how we style our hair. Once long standing hairstyle traditions have been thrown out the window as we are entering another new normal with lockdown restrictions being lifted and the start of a new year. So, what exactly will be trending? Here are 5 men’s haircut styles for 2021.

Grown Out, Long Hair


It goes without saying that lockdowns have limited most guys from making the trip over to their favorite barbershop to maintain a shorter cut. Especially during the long stretch of lockdowns from April through May of 2020, men have had no choice but to let it all grow natural. And as we are coming out the other end of the tunnel, we’re starting to see a lot of guys who could by now get their long awaited cut choose to ditch the shaver and head toward a prehistoric yet sleek look. Even celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal have taken part in this trend. This works for most guys because of the low maintenance, aka less trips to the barber, opportunity to embrace or even discover their natural hair texture of which could be incredibly easy to maintain, or allow the discovery that maybe their long locks aren’t suited to be all out like this. Regardless, this is a timeless look that gives off a “confident in your own skin” vibe.

Long Curly Hair


This next one is pretty similar to that of Jake Gyllenhaal in that its also about letting the natural locks flow out! However, this iconic look might only be suitable or even achievable by those with wavy to curly hair like our favorite actor, Timothee Chalamet. The Call me By Your Name mega star has taken the opportunity of lockdowns in 2020 to continue to embrace the hairstyle that was most notably seen by his character in Call Me By Your Name, aka the natural yet obviously well maintained and managed curly look. This style gives off the vibes that while you are all about embracing your natural looks, you still take pride is at least putting in some type of pomade to maintain. This look will definitely improve your confidence level and allow you to stand out in the crowd, but is obviously limited to guys who have naturally curly hair.

Bleached Blonde Buzz Cut

On the opposite end of the spectrum, lockdowns have been driving some men to “full send” it and simply buzz it all off! The shaved head look has been around for a millennium and not just limited to those burdened by hair loss at a later age. Male supermodel Lucky Blue Smith has decided to hop on this trend that is sure to stick around well into 2021 and beyond, choosing to liberate himself with a twist—bleaching the short hairs left over. This is probably one of the more bolder choices guys can make in 2021 to enter this new post-lockdown age. As far as maintenance and difficulty goes, there is none! That’s what’s so freeing about a buzzcut, you don’t have to do anything and it works for everyone! This look is sure to push you out of your comfort zone and set the foundation to give off a bold, confident vibe.

Formal Medium Length

Let’s face it. One way or another, we’ve had to make some serious life adjustments in order to maintain a contemporary, professional look while working from home, such as video conferencing. This has led men to work hard to maintain this poised, timeless style. This style is definitely on the shorter side of a medium-length hairstyle, but don’t worry! There’s still a decent amount of length and texture to maintain. Just look at Ryan Reynolds who has now established his coveted look with this cut where the top is swept to one side. As far as difficultly and maintenance go, this is one that will require a frequent trip to the barber, but is relatively easy to maintain if you have straight to wavy hair. While this isn’t for everyone, as there are numerous cuts to remain formal looking, it is a timeless staple that will continue into 2021 and beyond.

High & Tight Buzz Cut

With the explosion of new music in the second half of 2020, many male rappers have been coming out of the woodwork to profess their newfound looks. We already know a buzzcut is an easy to maintain, confidence boosting, and bold option for most guys. Well rapper Drake takes it to the next level with this strikingly attractive and well-groomed precise haircut. This specific style is verging on an undercut, but with very short lengths. With short rounding and fades all around the back and sides as well as more length on the top, this is an iconic look that is really only achievable by men with coarse, tight, and thick hair textures. Want to embrace your deep hair type and position yourself to be extremely approachable while still being the boldest in the room? Then this is for you. After all, Drake is always doing it right.

Well there you have it! Lockdown has either driven men to forgo maintenance and frequent barber shop visits or to liberate themselves and embark on a new cut that will help make their mark on the world! From embracing natural growth to freeing yourself with a timeless buzzcut with a twist to even maintaining poise and professional standards with a formal medium length, these 5 soon to be trending men’s haircut styles are breaking barriers and setting new standards for men’s beauty. Get ready for the men of 2021 to step into this post lockdown new age with newfound confidence, attractiveness, and a bold stance!

What are your favorite men’s hairstyles for 2021? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.