Meet and greets have always been a popular event between celebrities and their fans. However, with the pandemic in full swing this past year, obviously it was not the time nor place for meeting with your favorite singer, actress or influencer. For this reason, personalized shoutouts from celebrities via video have become increasingly popular thanks to 2020.

Cameo, a video-sharing website, allows for people to purchase unique shoutouts from over 30,000 celebrities. The cost of these videos depend on the size of the celebrity. Lesser known reality TV stars have their prices set at $15. Whereas permanent A-list celebrities can pretty much decide their price and find that there will be plenty of people willing to pay.

Cameo earns 25% of the commission off of these videos. In 2020 alone, they scored 25 million dollars in revenue. Demand for the app increased in March and more celebrities joined Cameo after lockdown, as well. Not only were meet and greets and in-person events canceled, shows postponed filming. Celebrities who were typically very busy suddenly had their days freed and time to spare. While some up and coming stars might have been attracted to some extra pay, a lot of more known celebrities signed onto Cameo in order to donate the proceeds to charities and hospitals.

Cameo also got attention from branding. Promotional endorsements have come out of the app since companies can better afford a one-time over a contract deal. Instead of paying the regular promotional fee, companies can pay celebrities their cameo fee to get a one-time promotion video of the product. Cameo allows for the customer to give the celebrities brief instructions on what they want out of the video. It is up to the celebrity’s creativity to deliver. So if you are looking for celebrity endorsement for your product, there’s no time like Cameo.

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This article originally published in GREY Journal.