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Hollywood’s celebrities have ranks. According to James Ulmer’s The Hot List, a celeb’s status falls somewhere on the Ulmer Scale. While some are upper echelon material (A and A+), others survive on the C or D list (or sometimes the Z-list). These rankings, once reserved for movie stars, athletes, singers, and millionaires, have been shaken, stirred, and disrupted by a new breed of stars.

By disruption I mean areas once thought to be non-glamorous, suddenly bouncing up the food chain in dramatic fashion. Think foodies, gamers, and DIY soccer moms. A new wave of these niche experts built strong relationships with their followers and became powerful celebrities in their own right.

What Is An Instagram Husband?

Every celebrity needs a social media account; some hire others to manage this task. The Instagram Husband is one such example (although probably not always on payroll). They’re quietly gaining momentum as a legitimate group. Yes, this is a real thing. Proudly owning this oddball title, Instagram Husbands help spouses attain star status through photography and posting.

We all know much of Instagram isn’t natural; on the contrary, it requires strategy and creativity. Location, lighting, backdrop, props, and camera quality are all part of what it takes to craft that exceptional photo or video. While we adore photos showcasing babes, hunks, and all things lovable, it’s the Instagram Husbands working behind the scenes to master every detail.

Students and admirers of photography appreciate these photos and videos; great lengths are taken to produce them. The perfect shot gives followers inspiration, smiles, and a way to casually pass the time while they scroll through their mobile devices. Instagram Husbands are responsible for this amazing work and allow spouses to grow their followers. Some are notably credited in posts and on personal websites. While hints of their existence are limited, they nonetheless deserve our respect and admiration. And if there are Instagram Wives out there building up their spouses, then they deserve our respect too!

Art Imitates Life

At first, I was moderately skeptical of this phenomenon, and honestly thought of it as a joke. Like deep-fried Oreo cookies, some things we just don’t buy into right away. But don’t judge a book by its cover, right? I watched The Mystery Hour video and saw a fascinating portrayal of Instagram Husbands and their everyday obstacles. It was well curated and proof that it’s a growing niche.

These men are considered Jacks of all trades when it comes to photography and videos. In a way, Instagram Husbands blur the lines of personal assistant, photographer and director to get the perfect shot. What I find compelling is that the whole video parodies reality; it provides humor without getting caught up in the mainstream criticism of guys forming a label for the sake of this lifestyle. Some signed up for picture-taking as a job, plucked from obscurity to perform the task of reaching the upper echelons. Others may have stumbled into the position after taking that one, mesmerizing photo that went viral.

Whether you’re in front of a camera or behind it, Instagram influencers have several moving parts. They create photos and videos that show us life, experiences, and all the organic quirks in between. These intangibles are difficult to capture, but in essence are the cornerstone of good storytelling. Let’s equally acknowledge both Instagram Husbands and the celebrity. They each play a role in the photos we view, obsess over, share, and comment on in the social media world.

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