SnapChat moves to the web!

Ever since Snapchat debuted on the social network, it’s been a favorite among Gen Zs. Users can send snaps, which are photos or messages that self-destruct after they are viewed by the receiver. Open snaps disappear after 31 days. The firm says, ‘Delete is our


Better.com CEO Fires Over 900 Employees Via Zoom

Earlier this month, Better.com CEO, Vishal Garg, announced that the mortgage company has decided to lay off about 9% of its workforce on a zoom webinar. This was a mass call that informed over 900 employees that they will be terminated before the upcoming holiday


Slack Is Bringing Out the Big Guns with This Future Feature

Slack is a platform that people can use to communicate through calls and messaging. Over the past year, it has turned into the perfect tool for business that went online because you were able to have all of your employees in the Slack app. On


Chegg Is Becoming The Gateway To Cheating…And Here’s How

Zoom University, online schooling, distance learning. However, you want to phrase it, going to school from home is hard. Whether you are a college student or a 4th grader, the transition of being surrounded by friends to zero fun and staring at a screen all


The Show Must Go On: Zoom & YouTube Now Help Charge For Virtual Events

Online concerts, seminars, classes and events are becoming more popular and more successful than ever in these uncertain times. Before the pandemic, people were weary to pay for online events. Online events do not have a history of being profitable. Many websites charge a hosting


5 COVID-19 Halloween Ideas For Your Next Office Party

Who says Halloween 2020 is cancelled? COVID-19 has made social gatherings difficult this year, but there are still ways to get employees together and celebrate. From Zoom meetings to online costume contests, technology has made staying connected while practicing social distancing easy. Here are 5


If Everyone Is Using Zoom, Then What Happened To Skype?

On March 16th our social and work lives as we knew them came to a halt. Most workers were told to work from home, kids stopped going to school, getting together with a group of friends was out of the question. We were in one


Tired Of Background Noise In Your Zoom Meeting? Try This App

Do you sometimes get interrupted by background noise while on a Zoom meeting? Maybe you are talking to a potential client, but children playing outside ruin your deal. Or you had an interview that did not turn out to be successful because some workers were


Zoom Is Ahead Of The Video Conferencing Race, But For How Long?

With an estimated 300M daily users, Zoom currently reigns supreme over all remote conferencing platforms, and it’s not even close. How is that possible in a world where Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all have competing products on the market? Zoom’s Founder and CEO Eric Yuan


Industries That Are Thriving During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we do business, on a global scale. Many things we took for granted such as last-minute flights to Las Vegas or enjoying a day at the beach with a large group of friends are no longer options.