Slack is a platform that people can use to communicate through calls and messaging. Over the past year, it has turned into the perfect tool for business that went online because you were able to have all of your employees in the Slack app. On the app, you could communicate the way you would before COVID-19, the only difference was that you weren’t face-to-face with people.

After having so much success over the last year, Slack has announced that they are working on developing new features that could offer new ways of communicating. Because it has been such a text-based app and not a lot of people use the call feature, they decided it was time to switch it up a bit.

Slack believes that if they give their users new and fun ways to communicate by video, it will want them to stay especially since there are competitors like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Unlike the top competitors, Slack would offer an experience that is similar to Instagram Stories, making it way more fun to talk to the people in your bubble.

They are wanting to keep an asynchronous approach with the video feature, just like how they have it now. You would be able to message back or respond via video on your own time and anyone can see it and respond to it. Think of all the essential things you need to keep a business/office going online… Slack is right on board and planning to give their users everything they need to make work efficient and fun.

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This article is originally published on GREY Journal.