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Do you sometimes get interrupted by background noise while on a Zoom meeting? Maybe you are talking to a potential client, but children playing outside ruin your deal. Or you had an interview that did not turn out to be successful because some workers were busy welding outside your house. These sort of distractions annoy everyone and I bet you’ll not want that to happen in your next scheduled meeting.

In our current situation where everyone is locked in the house trying to stay safe and maintain social distance, many meetings are being conducted online. Everyone, therefore, wants a serene environment to hold their Zoom meetings without interruptions. This brings us to an app called Krisp, which has come up with better noise cancellation than headphones. The app is using artificial intelligence to try and clear all sound distractions around us when we are on calls.

Take a look at Zoom, which claims it has built-in noise cancellation and yet we know it’s not exactly that. For Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, this poses a big challenge to them as they have also been trying to come up with better noise cancellation. It is reported that since spring of 2020, Zoom had more than two hundred million users. Microsoft threatens Zoom’s success as it plans to embed the app into Microsoft Teams. Google Meet is not far behind as they have also been in pursuit of noise-canceling technology since 2018. They are all trying to teach the artificial intelligence engine to learn the difference between good and bad noises. All these companies are also trying to do as much as they can to preserve user’s privacy.

Meanwhile, Krisp is able to remove all background noise from any conferencing app running in Chrome at the touch of a button. Their team of math and physics experts has been developing the app for three years and is free to download. This makes Krsip the perfect app for anyone who has to deal with the struggles of a noisy work-from-home environment.

See the Krisp app demonstration below:

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.