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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we do business, on a global scale. Many things we took for granted such as last-minute flights to Las Vegas or enjoying a day at the beach with a large group of friends are no longer options. Workers in the restaurant and tourism industries have seen the collapse of their livelihood overnight. Many are having to make quick decisions about how to make money some other way. But with all this sudden change, which industries are thriving during the pandemic?

A great time for a career change

Many career advisors recommend doing a deep dive into something that interests you. If you are surviving on unemployment benefits or scraping to make it with limited financial resources due to your hours being cut, the last thing on your mind might be taking a personal career inventory. But it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself things like, “What am I good at, but never had time to pursue?”

Opportunities in the medical field

If you’ve always wanted to help people, the medical field is ripe with opportunities. From entry-level home healthcare workers to practical nurses, the already rapidly expanding medical field is now in high demand. This is in part due to the multitude of patients pouring into hospitals, but there are also those with special needs or the elderly, who require extra assistance in and out of the hospital. 

Medical professional.

For some positions, it may require you to enroll in a brief certification course at a community college. Other jobs may require more in-depth training or advanced graduate-level program enrollment. Whatever the case, many colleges are now offering hybrid or purely online programs to ensure you can achieve the professional goals you seek.

Foodservice industry, reimagined

Delivery transaction.

The foodservice industry took a large hit due to COVID-19. Servers and bartenders have been forced to reimagine their job path overnight. At the same time, more opportunities have arisen for food delivery drivers and short-order cooks at both chain and single location restaurants. Apps like DoorDash and GrubHub have seen an unprecedented surge in new applications overnight for delivery drivers, customer service reps, and other positions related to food delivery.

Employment for technology wizards

Entrepreneur on Zoom meeting.

For those who have an interest in technology, many software companies have seen an expanded need for new solutions to things like virtual meetings and remote learning. Companies like Zoom, Google, Skype and Slack have seen an increased need for software programmers and developers. This may require more training or certifications for some. However, there are entry-level positions at these companies for things like Live Chat Agents who help customers, accountants, sales representatives, and marketing managers.

Don’t sleep on your mental health

Many have done a great deal of soul-searching during this pandemic. People’s worlds have been turned on their sides, with very little direction regarding what comes next. It is impossible to fully predict the changes that will arise from COVID-19. We have already seen a great deal of change, and are managing on a day-to-day basis. Facts and nuisances are updated literally by the minute, as the globe hopes for a quick turnaround for a vaccine. The one thing we can say is that COVID-19 has changed virtually every industry.

My advice for career changers is dare to think differently. Start with listing out your skills in the workplace. Also list out your personal hobbies and whatever else you can think of that brings you joy and fulfillment. Actively seek out mental health resources and financial resources. It always pays to check in on how you are feeling and share those frustrations with a professional. Many mental health services are being offered free to the public in some form or another. There are also several public aid services that can alleviate financial stress and offer resources for where to get discounted or free groceries. If there were a silver lining here, it would be that many have been given opportunities to expand their horizons and look into alternate paths for future careers. The term “blessing in disguise” would not be completely out of line here, but out of drastic, sudden change, there are often positive results if we seek them out.

What other industries are thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.