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When is the last time that you sat down to have a think?….a purposeful exploration within your own mind. Thinking is the one thing that others cannot take from you. They can stop you from expressing what you think, but not the edification that comes from the act itself. While some may be better at it than others, it’s a primal right that all of mankind shares.

Pondering and exploring the mindscape calls on previous learnings, experiences, and observations. Proactive thinking introduces planning, strategies, and the exploration of possibilities and outcomes. It’s also a search for truth within reason, recalled history, and experiential probability. In many cases, thinking comes before developing skills. Sometimes, intellection itself is a skill.

The Importance of Thinking

B. Zachary Bennett quote, "Marketing is where psychology, creativity, and strategy meet."
B. Zachary Bennett quote, “Marketing is where psychology, creativity, and strategy meet.”

Thinking is a priority in my life and in my career. One could even say that I make my living on how I think. So I am sure to make time for it throughout my week. When a business comes to me with a challenge, I actively think about the situation and then while developing a solution based on those thoughts, I think some more. Companies will invest greatly in strategies that are based on my thoughts and interpretations so I respect and revere it.

In my speaking engagements, I am merely sharing my research and thoughts on the given subject or situation. When writing my book, Married To Marketing, I was sharing my thoughts, my logic, and observations on entrepreneurship and growing a business. I also take my thoughts and put them into action by directing others to create business solutions and tools for our clients at Reformation Productions.

Reflecting on Those Around You

B. Zachary Bennett sitting at desk and writing in binder
B. Zachary Bennett sitting at desk and writing in binder

But before I developed my career around the art of thought, I spent much of my life studying others, their lives and their work as if they were mentors talking with me each day. Some I agreed with and some I did not. But I learned something from each of them. I learned deep thinking from learning their personalities and mindsets and then pondering how they would handle certain situations or plans. Developing and exploring hypotheses are great ways to exercise your brain as a muscle.

While my friends and family would watch television for entertainment, I always sought out something that would edify me in some way. I gained a real passion and hunger for learning because it feeds thought. And I enjoyed the cerebration. As I mentioned in last month’s article, I was also a recording artist and musician, which is cerebral by its very nature. It’s a position of observation—watching the world around you and commenting on what you see and experience as an expression of those thoughts.

With my family, I encourage my children to think as we sit around the dining room table after meals discussing what we think about certain topics, life philosophies, and where we take a stand on certain topics.

Question Everything

High school student standing in hall wearing button that reads "Question Authority"
High school student standing in hall wearing button that reads “Question Authority”

So, back to our question. When is the last time you sat down to have a good think? So many others will welcome you to bypass consideration and thought for immediate action if it benefits them in someway. Protect your ability to think. Don’t follow what others tell you without thinking. In my youth, I had a button that I wore on my blue jean jacket that said “question authority.” Those in authority always thought of this as rebellion, but I see it as being responsible. Responsible to one’s self and to those you lead. So I encourage you, to make time within your busy lives to think about the things around you and beyond. Don’t overthink, which is getting lost in indecision because of being overwhelmed by the possibilities, but do take time to consider where you stand in life, what you will and won’t tolerate, how to improve your situation, and so much more. Find the enjoyment in the act itself and its results.

I invite you to tell me your thoughts on this article in my social media. And if you need someone to think with for your business, reach out to me. It’s what I do.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.