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Sit Down And Have A Think—Why This Needs To Be Your #1 Priority

When is the last time that you sat down to have a think?….a purposeful exploration within your own mind. Thinking is the one thing that others cannot take from you. They can stop you from expressing what you think, but not the edification that comes


The Value Of Commercial Creative In Influencing Target Audiences

I travel the country giving talks, conducting workshops, and implementing strategies for small business. But many have noticed that I don’t look like a typical ad man. They normally tilt their head to one side and try to figure out why I don’t appear to


You Had One Job! When Meme Ridicule Exposes Truth For Business Owners

You had one job! This phrase is an ever-popular meme in today’s culture. Usually the headline to someone making a huge, obvious mistake. However, as an entrepreneur or business owner, it is rarely ever a statement that we feel applies to our daily lives. We