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Modern Marketplace Mindset Movement

An entrepreneurial examination on the reentry of “activity seekers” and their spending habits amongst today’s consumerism trends, followed by tactics in cross-connecting networking books of business for maximizing online and offline success. Recently, my wife Megin and I spent a Friday evening walking around one


How Do You Grow As A Person When You Are Growing A Company

Entrepreneurship is not a static job. A lot of things change which require you to adapt quickly including markets, technology, and the buying habits of people. This change breeds growth.  As an entrepreneur, if you want to succeed, you have to work hard to improve


The 11 timeless personality traits of a successful entrepreneur

There are various factors that determine whether an entrepreneur will be successful or not. These factors include the existing economic climate, the amount of capital you can raise as an entrepreneur, a reliable supply chain, the competitiveness of the market, and the timing of launching


Top 7 Tips To Earn You That Dream Job In A Growing Startup

Many companies are beginning to sprout rapidly in different locations. However, some candidates find it difficult to gain employment into startups. This is perhaps because startups are relatively close-knit and are adamant to admit as much into their usually comfortable arrangement. Generally, tricks to earning


Resolutions Or Intentions, How Do You Begin Your New Year?

I want to ask you a question . . . At the beginning of the New Year, do you: 1) Make New Year’s resolutions, or… 2) Set your intentions for the upcoming year? Me, I am a huge proponent of setting intentions. I have found


The Best Vlogging Camera And Equipment For YouTube In 2022

Vlogging is one of the most interesting and world-explorative things today. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to start vlogging but have no clue about cameras and equipment for vlogging, then this article will help you greatly. Even if you’re changing your existing camera, this


4 Top Strategies To Skyrocket Your Entrepreneurial Career

Entrepreneurs have always had to deal with professional challenges and market battles. What’s different today is the fiercer competition – especially in the digital market – and an insecure business future. There are already predictions that some well-known American brands might not make it through


8 Things Logan Roy From HBO’s Succession Has Taught Us

If you haven’t seen the HBO smash hit show that has been on for three seasons now, then this is a good introduction to its patriarch, Logan Roy. Logan Roy, the genius behind Waystar RoyCo. He is tenacious, unrelenting, aggressive, and formidable. When he enters a


5 Ways Learning a Foreign Language Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

The more languages you speak, the richer you are, or so the saying goes. And while being able to converse with the locals while on holiday certainly makes traveling a much more enjoyable experience, speaking more than one language can also help you grow your


7 Ways To Build A Side Hustle While Keeping A Day Job

Research shows that 55% of freelancers in the world still keep their full-time jobs. This means that if you are thinking of starting a side hustle while keeping a day job, you will not be the first person to do so. Starting a business while


National Read A Book Day: Business Edition

September is home to various National Holidays, with my favorite one coming up. National Read a Book Day is on September 6th. This day makes my heart shine and smile so big. If you are like me, an avid reader, you do not wait to


How To Ground Yourself When Life Takes Over

Summer is coming to an end. You’re preparing the kids to go back to school, and you are leaving that easy breezy summer mode and into high gear as you’re moving into the fall season and all the activities that harvest time brings. In addition


Why Should Entrepreneurs Watch Disney’s Live-Action Film Cruella?

Disney’s latest live-action film Cruella is creating a lot of buzz as the modern twist proves relatable with audiences. This amusing film explores how Cruella was able to break barriers through sheer determination and courage. This artist and icon became recognized in the fashion industry


4 Reasons Why Having Hobbies Will Make You A More Successful Entrepreneur

It is very typical for entrepreneurs to spend every hour of their lives improving their businesses. The idea of engaging in fun activities and hobbies that are non-work related may seem like a waste for many of them. Many entrepreneurs value time so much that


Does Your Life Feel Out Of Control? Then Bring In More Balance

Balance is the word that fits best for me, but if you feel the word “balance” has been overused, feel free to substitute it with the word you feel fits best for you. Are there moments, days, weeks or months that you feel like a

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