The Return of the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Restaurants

From staffing shortages to supply chain issues, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the restaurant industry, fundamentally reshaping the way they operate. With dining restrictions in major cities, many individuals have turned to takeout as their primary dining option, making buffets seem


A Guide to Reducing Costs in Your Commercial Kitchen From Industry Experts

With growing inflation and fluctuating demand in recent years, the restaurant sector, like all other industries, is concerned about cutting costs. To stay in business, restaurants have had to adapt by reducing unnecessary spending and introducing inventive concepts. When decreasing expenses, a variety of things


Starting a Restaurant: 9 Essential Steps for Success

Setting up and operating restaurants is a daunting task. Restaurants are capital-intensive businesses that require a lot of effort, resources and planning to sustain. With a high initial failure rate, several business owners tend to make mistakes early on in their operations, jeopardizing their establishments


How Philadelphia Is Becoming The City Of Sisterly Love

Nothing warms the heart like seeing people come together during times of crisis. And that is exactly what women business and restaurant owners in Philadelphia are doing. They saw a need in the restaurant industry during 2020, and they responded accordingly. In response to food


5 Popular AAPI Restaurants Across the U.S. You Have To Try

Across the country, people are celebrating American Asian Pacific Islander Month by embracing their local communities, the local businesses and, most important, their restaurants. Eateries that have been started by members of the AAPI community have made an impact on their local communities and cities;


Don’t Count on Seeing This in Re-Opening Restaurants

Have you gone into a restaurant in the past year? What used to be bottles of ketchup and salt and pepper turned into packets of them. And the question of “why” makes sense… we want to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep contact as


8 Of The Best Black-Owned Restaurants To Check Out In Los Angeles

Like everywhere else, Los Angeles restaurant owners have been struggling during the pandemic. The good news is outdoor dining has recently returned to Los Angeles! And while we’re at the end of Black History Month, what’s a better way to pay tribute than to check


Burger King’s New Ad Campaign Will Warm Your Heart

In a refreshing change of pace, Burger Kings across France and the United Kingdom have started a new campaign to urge consumers to order takeout. However, not from their company. As the pandemic drones on, Burger King advocates people order from independent restaurants instead of


The California Covid-19 Strategy That Just Doesn’t Add Up

In California, it has been almost 300 days since Governor Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency due to the Covid-19 virus, giving him unobstructed judgement in changing California State law at a whim without input from either the citizens or legislators. During this time


3 Innovative Ways Food Startups In Los Angeles Beat 2020

Given the onset of Covid-19 earlier this year, food startups in Los Angeles have had to reengineer  their operations to survive.  Some examples of these types of businesses are ChowNow, Sweetgreen, Apeel Sciences, Thrive Market, and Joju Foods. These companies have reported that they needed

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