In a refreshing change of pace, Burger Kings across France and the United Kingdom have started a new campaign to urge consumers to order takeout. However, not from their company. As the pandemic drones on, Burger King advocates people order from independent restaurants instead of ordering a Whopper from them.

Burger King makes this statement as many in the food industry take a heavy hit. Not only did Burger King UK and Burger King France issue this statement, but they are also allowing independent restaurants to advertise on their social media. Burger King UK has now been solely advertising for these companies free of charge on their Instagram account.

This campaign takes affect only after Burger King graciously advertised for its own competitors earlier this year. Burger King UK urged people to frequent McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and KFC. Although this campaign has yet to spread to the United States, it is being well received everywhere. People are applauding the Forbes 500 company for using their platform to try and spread the wealth, especially in these trying times.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.