The 15 “Must-Attend” Startup Conferences & Events For 2023

A well-developed, and extensive personal and professional network can make all the difference between a straight trajectory to business growth and success or a frustrating, and the potentially fruitless hamster wheel of struggle. In the business world, connections are everything, and there is no better


The Entrepreneurs List Of Business Building Event

One of the biggest sources of resources available for entrepreneurs to learn about industrial, business, and product categories in which they are seeking to pursue or explore to progress their business ambitions are industry meetings, conferences, trade shows + roadshows.  At such events, you can


Netflix’s Next Big Move: Video Games Here We Come

Netflix recently spoke out about the company’s aspirations to include video games in its services. Their explanation of the expanding of the company’s services was very expected as usual. Greg Peters, Netflix’s CEO, explained that “The success of this initiative is about great games, fundamentally.”


Dow Jones Drops Over 900 Points And Counting

Last month, it was discovered that consumers were spending a lot of money on retail. Investors, however, were not impressed as stocks ended in the red. The Government also reported a solid rebound in sales related to retail back in June. Even with the rebound,


Wells Fargo Ends Lines Of Credit, Leaving Account Owners In The Dust

Wells Fargo announced recently that they are shutting down all existing personal lines of credit within their company. The well-known bank is now no longer offering the product and shutting down those personal lines within the next few weeks. This has angered some customers as


Instagram Is Making It Easier To Discover Black-Owned Businesses

Instagram announced last Wednesday that they’re adding in a “Black-owned” label for U.S. based shops. Business accounts are now able to display the “Black-owned Business” label on their bio and may be included on the shops page to help bring in more customers. In recent


Buzzfeed Is Going Public, So What’s Next For The Media Outlet?

Buzzfeed recently announced its plans to go public on Thursday. The 15-year-old company has mentioned plans to go public via a merger with an acquisition company specialized in publically trading special purposes. They are currently merging with 890 Fifth Avenue Partners with a target budget


First Amazon, Now Jeff Bezos Is Ready To Conquer Space

Jeff Bezos recently announced on Monday that he and his brother will be going up to space next month. He will be joined by his brother and the first spaceflight crew from his private rocket company Blue Origin on July 20th. This will come just


Twitter Subscription Goes Live

Attention all Twitter users! Twitter has recently announced that they will be starting its first-ever paid subscription. The subscription called Twitter Blue lets users gain access to premium features such as tools to organize your bookmarks, reading threads in an uncluttered format, and a new


With COVID Cases Dropping, Weddings Are Getting The Green Light

If the only thing that you’ve been waiting for all year was to start planning your wedding, you’re in good luck! With COVID-19 cases dropping every day, the state of Massachusetts decided it was time to start ringing those wedding bells. And more states are


8 Ways To Host A Webinar Without Boring Your Audience

When it comes to business, the humble webinar has often played second fiddle to in-person seminars. These are where professionals, executives and entrepreneurship types can network with each other via a physical conversation and close off potential deals with a handshake while waiting in line


The Show Must Go On: Zoom & YouTube Now Help Charge For Virtual Events

Online concerts, seminars, classes and events are becoming more popular and more successful than ever in these uncertain times. Before the pandemic, people were weary to pay for online events. Online events do not have a history of being profitable. Many websites charge a hosting


5 Foolproof Ways To Promote Your Business And Generate Clientele

What’s the most important thing you need in order to keep a business successful? If you said clients or customers, you are correct. Although every business can be unique in one way or another, the one constant they all share is the need for people


Real Innovation is Ageless

The Innovation for the Ages event held last week brought up some important issues with the modern workplace. Ageism is typically defined as discrimination on the basis of a person’s age. In the business world, we see this prejudice manifest in the belief that people

Ringleader Daniel “Lucky” Malatsi kicking off UniverSoul Circus in style

How one circus is making diversity refreshingly entertaining

I ‘ve lived in Chicago for a while now and when it comes to nightlife, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good idea of the scene. So when I had the opportunity to check out the UniverSoul Circus I was excited. I hadn’t been to a

Image of the crowd being seated at the Chicago Innovation Awards

The Best and Brightest at the Chicago Innovation Awards

The chill of the fall air outside the Harris Theater nipped at my cheeks as I got out of the car. Ahead the glow of the theater lit up the sidewalk with soft gold light and groups of well-dressed people drifted towards the door. Upon