Netflix recently spoke out about the company’s aspirations to include video games in its services. Their explanation of the expanding of the company’s services was very expected as usual. Greg Peters, Netflix’s CEO, explained that “The success of this initiative is about great games, fundamentally.” He later stated that “We think we can deliver more entertainment value through [games].”

The concept of putting video games on the streaming service comes down to two themes: data and intellectual property. The company’s first significant non-radio business venture raises awareness of how vital streaming is to their service. Netflix has revolutionized the streaming industry through data and intellectual property. This has resulted in Netflix dominating the streaming world with 209 million subscribers and a slew of copycat streaming services from multiple media companies.

While there is no specific date for the video game rollout, Netflix will start offering mobile games to subscribers at no additional cost. Due to the drop of subscribers in the U.S. and Canada by 400,000 in the second quarter of 2021, adding in new video games may end up enticing new customers while also reducing churn on the service.

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This article originally posted on GREY Journal