Attention all Twitter users! Twitter has recently announced that they will be starting its first-ever paid subscription. The subscription called Twitter Blue lets users gain access to premium features such as tools to organize your bookmarks, reading threads in an uncluttered format, and a new feature called the “undo tweet.”

Does this mean that Twitter is now going to cost money? Nope! The company stressed that while Twitter Blue is launching, it won’t mean that anything about the free version will be changing anytime soon. With the subscription, it will remain focused on adding enhancements and other features that will also complement the app’s free tier. And while these features will add to Twitter as a whole, it may grow to include more options and features over time.

While it’s unclear when it will be officially launched worldwide, Techcrunch has reported that Twitter will be starting its trial in Canada and Australia. This will help determine whether or not the featured set will meet the needs of users looking for a customized experience as well as encourage discussions around the prioritized features for the future of Twitter Blue. Prices for Twitter Blue start at $3.49 CAD and $4.49 AUS respectively.

Be ready for a whole new era from Twitter, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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This post originally posted on Grey Journal