Is privacy and online security becoming a new necessity for our mental well-being? Over the years our mobile evolution has made it simpler to maneuver online browsing and possibly ignore software viruses. The minor concern we dealt with in the beginning of the internet was not sharing passwords. Fast forward a decade after smartphones essentially took over the globe, new apps and developers got to work. Now we see how most of society and the economy can flourish, grow, network globally, and do more things remotely compared to the early 2000’s. We had all been in a protective bubble until further advancements such as 5-g networks continued to replace our old technology.

By 2020, most of our mobile devices have been updated and changed. With many green movements taking place we can also start to mention our impact on using online platforms. In separating our personal lives, do we see more honesty and transparency in the way we share now? Many new entrepreneurs that started small businesses online are placing an importance on security measures such as private accounts on social media, creating private mobile numbers, and accessing public emails strictly for their businesses.

Are we able to handle much unwanted attention as business owners and not have it create an emotional dilemma in separating our attachment to our followers and real customers? Most customers’ needs now revolve around feeling a connection when purchasing from someone online. They want to know their money is being placed on value and much more than the purchase itself. It is impossible to stay in touch with thousands of followers and it can bring a new set of changes once you gain more recognition. It should be important to start implementing our mental well-being and distinguish our online connections while living our normal lives. Thankfully, more awareness has been brought to using social media and distinguishing it from reality. It is beautiful when you can have an amazing online impact while feeling safe to live your day-to-day life and not worry about anyone invading your privacy or stealing information from any of your devices.

How is privacy and security trending in the health and wellness sections?

Entrepreneur teaching child about online privacy on phone
Entrepreneur teaching child about online privacy on phone

With more global advancements in financial interactions online we also find new threats. Security and developers are slowly gaining more attention of regular people who never would have felt they needed extra protection when using mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers. Most are learning beyond the basics and continue to enable or disable certain features just to have a little peace of mind. Mental health is becoming more of a concern due to our daily habit of interacting solely online. More of us in society also admit they are more careful with how they interact on their accounts. While some businesses secure cameras and alarms at physical locations, we are now questioning our emails, cameras, and search engines. The more we educate ourselves and learn that as we continue to grow and prosper in our businesses, we can also be more self aware as a society. Emotional well-being is not just a concern for parents raising children, but also for interacting and sharing with followers, strangers, customers. Creating clever forms of communication are essential to establish stronger future foundations and establishments that bring happiness and great service.

Will future entrepreneurs keep businesses out of social media platforms and decline the importance of numbers, such as how many followers or content a business promotes? Entrepreneurs should follow the trends and distinguish these in the future years to make mental awareness a priority and create positive changes in the workforce. Once you have had invasion of privacy online and feel hopeless, it is easier to understand why privacy should be valued in business besides the financial aspect of it. Many entrepreneurs have side gigs, hustles, and hobbies they are able to monetize, but then are overwhelmed with unwanted attention and over-sharers. Then, they become discouraged when certain patterns play out, such as spammers, stalkers, and unnecessary comments only to then see a decrease in sales. Are online protection services the next trend for our well-being?

Besides the burden of unwanted messages or negative personalities following us, many more individuals are adjusting mobile devices to ensure no one is listening in on their conversations or hacking their accounts. Our awareness and knowledge on these topics seem to be more of an interest with much younger generations using these applications daily. Naturally, we must adapt to these changes and consider new safer ways to feel comfortable and trusting. We see famous celebrities removing themselves from social media platforms and slowly others start to follow. Do newer businesses set in motion new rules to promote, such as disabling comments and having more control over our settings to secure any future mishaps? Financial settings are increasing as we support and purchase faster with the freedom of choosing where our shopping occurs. Newer businesses are aimed towards less emotional attachments and gifting their customers with free trials, texting, and much more to prevent future setbacks and allowing them to cancel orders. This creates less conflict and more options than complaints.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.