Is Autonomous Driving Making a Comeback? Cruise Secures $850M in Top Funding Deal

After a slow period, funding deals have picked up, led by Cruise, an autonomous driving startup that secured $850M from General Motors. This significant investment highlights a renewed interest in the autonomous vehicle industry. Other notable raises include $650M for AI platform AlphaSense, $125M for biotech firm Santa Ana Bio, and $95M for spacecraft manufacturer Apex. This week’s funding surge also saw significant investments in cybersecurity and biotech, indicating a potential summer boost for tech startups.

How IT Outsourcing Practices Are Reshaping The Industry

Over the past few years, IT outsourcing has become a common practice for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, as technology continues to evolve, so do the trends in IT outsourcing. Over the past few years, IT outsourcing has become a common


Former Bowlero CIO Prepares to Battle Lawsuit Alleging Extortion and Retaliation

Former Bowlero CIO Thomas Tanase is seeking legal permission to countersue the company for extortion and retaliation. This comes after allegations of age discrimination and a dispute involving hacking accusations. Tanase claims his termination was age-related, while Bowlero alleges he resigned voluntarily. The case has highlighted ongoing labor disputes at Bowlero, with accusations of discrimination and unfair labor practices. As the legal battle unfolds, Tanase seeks damages for extortion and retaliation, while Bowlero denies all allegations and accuses Tanase of unauthorized corporate data access.
Social Security

Consulting Firm Reports Theft of Over 340,000 Social Security Numbers

Greylock McKinnon Associates, a consulting firm serving government agencies, recently reported a severe data breach. Approximately 341,650 Social Security numbers were compromised due to a cyberattack discovered in May 2023. Despite assurances that this breach does not affect Medicare benefits or coverage, the incident raises significant concerns about data privacy and security. Efforts to mitigate the breach involved cybersecurity experts, law enforcement, and the U.S. Department of Justice, highlighting the critical nature of protecting sensitive personal information in the digital age.

NinjaOne Achieves $1.9 Billion Valuation with $232 Million Series C Funding

NinjaOne, a leader in endpoint management and security, has secured a significant $231.5 million in Series C funding, led by Iconiq Growth. This investment round propels the company's valuation to $1.9 billion, highlighting the increasing importance of endpoint security in today's remote and hybrid work environments. With over 17,000 customers worldwide and a remarkable annual recurring revenue growth, NinjaOne's technology is pivotal in automating endpoint management, showcasing its essential role in advancing cybersecurity solutions across the globe.

Privacy and Security in Private Equity’s Digital Era

The world is so digital nowadays that everything is convenient and easy—with maybe the exception of security. Advancements in tools and technology also mean more cyber threats that are harder and harder to crack and prevent. As businesses and individuals increase their cybersecurity measures, attackers


The Top 5 Monitoring & Tracking Apps For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Hackers have been constantly developing their abilities to find and take advantage of loopholes in smartphones and abuse the open architecture of the Internet. As a result, businesses with weak IT systems are their prime targets. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Clop Gang Unleashes Mass-Hacks on U.S. Banks and Universities

A pervasive cybersecurity threat looms as Clop, the notorious ransomware gang, has been exploiting a critical security vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer tool, a widely used corporate file sharing tool. The ripple effect of this security breach is massive, touching the shores of U.S. banks,


5 Reasons Why Digital Construction Technology Is Important

To keep up with the pace of today’s technological advancements in the digitization market, it becomes imperative for the construction industry to leverage and accommodate innovative measures employing digital solutions. One such impactful effort involves incorporating digital construction technology since it redefines traditional methods while


Cybercriminals Exploit Government and University Websites in Massive Hacking Ad Campaign

Cybercriminals have recently targeted various official websites of U.S. state, county, and local governments, as well as federal agencies and universities, by publishing deceptive advertisements promoting hacking services. The hackers uploaded PDF files containing these ads to official .gov websites, including those belonging to the


The Dark Side of Streaming: Protecting Your Privacy and Security 

Many homes all over the world find it difficult to imagine life without streaming subscription services. With millions of people using platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu to access their favorite movies and TV shows, streaming has become an essential part of modern entertainment.


The 6 Best Uses For Artificial Intelligence When Elevating Your Business

Artificial intelligence doesn’t just cover human-like robots. Everyday, businesses and other huge corporations use artificial intelligence. With this technology, your business can benefit from extra help and resources. Here are the 6 best methods of artificial intelligence you can use to elevate your business. Customer


Why Online Privacy Is The New Self-Care Regimen

Is privacy and online security becoming a new necessity for our mental well-being? Over the years our mobile evolution has made it simpler to maneuver online browsing and possibly ignore software viruses. The minor concern we dealt with in the beginning of the internet was


Understand Cybersecurity To Avoid A Data Breach In Your Business

Cybersecurity is one of the world’s top security threats. There have been about 4,000 confirmed data breaches in the last year alone. Many businesses have fallen victim to these attacks such as Verizon, eBay, Yahoo, and Nintendo to name a few. A data breach costs


Who Benefited Most From Twitter’s Hacked Accounts?

Most of us came across strange tweets from prominent users like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates on July 15th, 2020. “I am giving back to my community due to COVID-19,” the majority of the tweets said. These tweets came from verified