Cristina Jimenez
Cristina Jimenez is a California-born and raised individual who embraces all walks of life. A previous Elementary tutor and painter who is now unschooling or homeschooling her son since 2019. Cristina and her family moved out of the city to the valley in 2016, since then her ability to paint and write almost every day gained her recognition and opportunities as she always made sure to stay creative while raising her young boy. Now in 2021 after all changes due to the pandemic, she transformed her artistic visions, credibility and began to blog about personal experiences based on art, music, and life. An individual who believes in the creative power of self-expression she now seeks to change careers into writing and podcasting as she has newly discovered her old passion which was singing and public speaking. Her excitement for sharing ideas and inspiration continues to flow as she now teaches privately and is learning web development to further her career and merge her experiences with others in a team setting. A young and motivated mother who believes in rising above all circumstances to continue to work, achieve and help.

Why Personal Style And Branding Is So Important In The Virtual World

American brands from the 80’s and 90’s have been resold and considered valuable vintage and are still bought by a good amount of customers who treasure this movement. Over time we continue to see more access to making things ourselves and the “do it yourself”


Why Online Privacy Is The New Self-Care Regimen

Is privacy and online security becoming a new necessity for our mental well-being? Over the years our mobile evolution has made it simpler to maneuver online browsing and possibly ignore software viruses. The minor concern we dealt with in the beginning of the internet was