My question for you is…Why are you reading this article? Is it to help you better your life or is it that you just want to waste your valuable time? Regardless what your reasons are, I am honored to provide you with these useful tips to help you have a chance to succeed in business as well as life.

My name is Jeremy Ruditis and I am a 45 year old author, consultant, and mentor with over 20 years experience in the business field. Currently, I am a Pro-bono Mentor for Mentor You Global, a program founded in 2018. I also work as a freelance business advisor, helping professionals leverage their enterprises through strategic planning.

1. Train Your Mind

Business man thinking indoors
Business man thinking indoors

By training your mind, I mean investing in the knowledge and skill-sets needed to achieve your goals. When you train your mind you become a master of one self, which is necessary for you to grow—as to master anything one must first master thyself. You can train your mind through meditation, binaural beats, and affirmations to help you overcome your fears. Other means, like going through Mentor You Global’s pro-bono mentoring services, can also help you in any fields you require.

I discuss a few more techniques on training your mind in my book, Keys To The Kingdom Of Success, which is available for preorder through Kindle. Authors like Ron Malhotra, Dave Crane, Daymond John, Kyle Crooke, Jennifer A. Garrett, and many more on LinkedIn can also help you in certain fields. Training your mind is part of the growth process and will make a difference in success and failure.

2. Be Diligent

This process takes valuable time as you will need to gain the experience for certain skill-sets. When doing this, you shall make mistakes and how you react in those situations will be the difference between success and failure. Keep your mind focused and remember that there is always someone in a worse boat than you. This is only an obstacle to overcome and you can do so by being diligent.

3. Ego

Don’t let your ego get to your head. Instead, ask yourself “What don’t I know?” and continue learning from others who have more experience than you. They can prove to be a valuable asset and can guide you to tricks that work.

4. Scheduling

Take the time to learn all the skills needed. If you happen to own a business, then scheduling is going to be something you shall need to look into. There are times when issues, such as swapping shifts to emergency time off or swapping shifts with others, will come up and you will need RT (Real Time) actions to help with scheduling. If you have trouble with scheduling issues then check out ShedWool for help.

5. Invest

Business man looking at watch
Business man looking at watch

Time is your most valuable asset, so make sure to invest in it wisely. Use your time to learn as many skills as you can. Skills are extremely important and you can expand upon them in your CV. When a business sees this, they recognize that you took the time to invest in yourself and that you are serious about your future and work. Remember, time is everything.

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What other tips do you have in order to succeed in business and in life? Let us know down in the comments.