Innovative Ways to Attract Talents to join your companies

The Job Market When we talk about the conventional job market, we think about a chaotic white-collared army heading to work as they grab a coffee on the go, and whine about their respective jobs. Why did you think of New York or Starbucks? Because


9 TikTokers Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

It’s no secret that the world is going digital with the increased use of technology and social media. However, as social media apps become more popular, they also increase access to information. For example, TikTok is a very popular platform which increases access to information.


Resolutions Or Intentions, How Do You Begin Your New Year?

I want to ask you a question . . . At the beginning of the New Year, do you: 1) Make New Year’s resolutions, or… 2) Set your intentions for the upcoming year? Me, I am a huge proponent of setting intentions. I have found


3 Ways To Stop Implicit Bias In The Workplace

Implicit bias, or unconscious bias, can hurt the workplace in more ways than one. These unconscious beliefs about groups of people can make others feel uncomfortable, misunderstood, and unheard. For businesses, being aware of implicit bias and educating their employees can help in the fight


Make This Your Top Priority When Hiring Or You’ll Doom Your Startup

Yes, we are aware! Growing your startup can be incredibly exhausting and extremely daunting. From the recruitment process of attracting a pool of qualified candidates down to the selection process of finding the right fit, the stress associated with the entire process can definitely not


Joy Organics Discuss What It Takes to Start And Grow A CBD Business

The US market projects to be worth $24.4 Billion by 2024. The expected growth has aspiring entrepreneurs in different industries diverting their interests in starting a money-making venture. The CBD industry is one of those ventures that are promising. Having spent the past few years


Popl’s CEO & COO Give Tips On Launching A Startup

Have you ever been in the middle of designing your business card and thought to yourself “There has to be an easier way to do this?” What if I told you that sharing your contact information could be as easy as tapping your phone to


5 Entrepreneurs Offer Wise Words On How To Support Black Businesses

Last year, when the world was on lockdown and people were gathering in the streets to protest the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, we witnessed the positive change a community can bring. Sparked by the increasing power of the Black Lives Matter movement,


4 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice On Dating

Getting dating advice from friends and family is a part of life; but when you’re an entrepreneur, dating comes with a lot of unique challenges that friends and family members can’t always help you with. With Valentines day around the corner, love is on the

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