Top 10 Thrilling Novels for Entrepreneurs to Relax While Getting Inspired Too

Entrepreneurship is more than just business; it’s a lifestyle filled with constant learning, innovation, and creativity. During downtime, entrepreneurs often seek inspiration and rejuvenation. What better way to do that than by diving into thrilling novels that resonate with the entrepreneurial spirit? Here’s a curated


Black Women’s Voices on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Reading List

As we approach the third anniversary of the Diversity Tipping Point — the period beginning May 29, 2020, when corporate America acknowledged that Black lives DO matter consider this:  Collective action is essential for creating lasting change. It is important to create spaces where people


Best Sapphic Books to Read in 2023

In recent years, sapphic literature has gained immense popularity among readers, and 2023 promises to be no different. With its focus on same-sex relationships between women, sapphic books provide a powerful and important representation of LGBTQ+ experiences. Whether you are looking for romance, coming-of-age stories,


3 Non-Fiction Writers That Immigrated To The U.S.

Many influential non-fiction writers have written about their accounts of immigrating to the United States, the societal struggles when assimilating and their uprooted lives, and the unfair stereotypes they have to deal with. Senator Ilhan Omar, poet Hernandez Castillo, and author Monique Grandy are three


Borders’ Final Chapter

When Borders was founded in 1971, it was one of the most pioneering companies in the book business, quickly becoming one of the most dominant players in the space. For 40 years, it was known as one of the retail behemoths, but then came the


Thousands Of Authors Are Now Selling Novels Via Text

The popularity of SMS or text message novels has risen steadily over the past few years. Why not tell stories over text? It makes for an exciting adventure in which one can interact with the story in real-time. Take Brianna Hayworth, who writes sci-fi stories,


What Are The Most Popular Book Genres In Self-Publishing?

Anyone can write and self-publish a book, but the success of those books sales-wise has a lot to do with many factors, one of which is the book’s genre. That’s one of the many reasons why most writers get their manuscripts rejected by publishing companies;


3 Self-Help Books That Will Help You Live Your Best Life

With the new year and the fresh smell of hope in the air, we’re all looking for new year’s resolutions to cling onto. If you are looking to improve your mental health, be stronger than you’ve ever been before, or want to build better habits


How To Get Your Book Ready For Self-Publishing In 4 Steps

If you feel that publishing your book the traditional way through literary agents and publishing companies isn’t for you, self-publishing your work is a valid alternative. But self-publishing your book isn’t as simple as uploading your first draft to Amazon and waiting for fame and


Traditional Publishing VS Self-Publishing: Which Is Best For You?

Despite the many forms of entertainment modern technology allows us, there are still a myriad of people in the world who prefer to be entertained by literature, both classical and contemporary. Many of these people often find themselves wanting to contribute to this art form


5 Healthy Habits You Need To Adopt Before 2022

As the year of 2021 comes creeping around the corner, everyone is thinking about what their New Years resolutions are going to look like in the midst of a pandemic. It’s going to be a weird transition and it’s going to be different than all


8 Business Books Every Hustler Must Read

Naturally, there are the usual suspects: Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Millionaire Next Door; however at this point, if someone hasn’t told you to read Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week,


“Addiction is the entire reason for my success,” says former addict and CEO

A great leader is fearless, assertive, resourceful…a recovering addict? Meet Michael Brody-Waite: father, CEO, and author of Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts. When he was twenty-three, Michael suffered from drug addiction and his whole life revolved around finding ways to stay high. In his


What Is The Best Way To Prepare Yourself For Entrepreneurship?

Many people often write to ask us “How do I become an entrepreneur?” or “What should I study to be an entrepreneur?” Now, we will see some reflections and tips for you to start developing all the skills you need to start your journey. What

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