Is The dot COM Extension Still Worth Paying Extra For?

In the early days of the internet, a ‘dot com’ domain was considered the ultimate trophy in the world of digital identity. Similar to coveted real estate in the heart of Manhattan, dot com domains were trusted and ubiquitous. But in today’s era of domain


How Can You Improve Cashflow In Your Startup Business?

A negative cash flow isn’t good news for any business – particularly a start-up. In a nutshell, it means there is more money going out of your business than coming in. Many factors can come into play here, with anything from internal operational changes or


Is it Worth Hiring an Accountant as a Contractor?

Are you a contractor who is wondering whether or not it is worth hiring an accountant? Many contractors are hesitant to take on the added expense of hiring an accountant, but in reality, it could be a smart investment that can ultimately save you time


5 Trends in E-Commerce Logistics You Should Be Aware Of

E-commerce would have grown at a bullish pace over the last decade even if the pandemic hadn’t accelerated the sector beyond all projections. It has led to a proliferation of platforms, brands, retailers, logistics providers, and a host of other businesses that support the industry.


How Does Inflation Works and Affect Your Business?

The rate at which prices for goods and services have risen over a certain period of time is referred to as inflation. Consumers and companies experience a decline in their buying power as a direct result of rising prices. This implies that for the same

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