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Best Ways to Classify Entrepreneurs – A Complete Guide 2022

Since the inception of life on this planet, things are in a state of continuous change and improvement. Man has traveled a lot from cave life to skyscrapers and much more. This transition of life always leads to changing needs. Moreover, the journey of needs


How This Company Is Raising The Bar And Transforming Chicago Into A Fashion Capital

Tony Long, CEO of FashionBar LLC, is transforming Chicago into a fashion capital. By launching FashionBar LLC, he has created a business platform that offers fashion business consulting, design and development, and go-to-market strategies. The company celebrates and aligns its ethics on inclusion, wellness, diversity


The Founders Of Brown Girls Books Say Entrepreneurship Is Just Like Writing A Book

Meet Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Billingsley, entrepreneurs and founders of Brown Girls Books, an exclusive boutique publishing company committed to providing a voice for the next generation of authors.  Murray is one of the country’s top African-American contemporary novelists with over two dozen titles.


In No Order, Here Are 7 Of The Biggest Entrepreneurs In Hollywood

In the film industry, no one is only doing one thing. While this list of individuals may be better known for their roles as actors, producers, or directors, they offer much more to the entertainment industry than just that. This list features some of the


How Smoothie King Was Founded

Smoothie King has come a long way from the small experimental kitchen in Louisiana that it was born in. Its founder, Steve Kuhnau, created the smoothie business, pioneering and innovating one of the biggest markets in food. Under his leadership, and later Wan Kim’s, the


Single Mom Turns $1,200 Stimulus Into $2M Coaching Business

Ellie Diop is the definition of using your resources to your full advantage. During the pandemic, the government sent out $1,200 stimulus checks to help individuals keep their head above water. Ellie who recently lost her job and was in the middle of a divorce,


3 Women Who Are Killing It In Male-Dominated Industries

When working in male-dominated industries, women face many challenges. A few of these challenges include society’s beliefs on women’s capabilities and the stereotypes surrounding what women are “supposed” to do. And still, to this day, there are issues with the gender pay gap. However, despite

deepak gupta


We had a chance to sit down with Deepak Gupta, a tech entrepreneur whose blazing path to fame has inspired many upcoming youngsters. Since his inception into the tech space, the serial cybersecurity architect, writer, and keynote speaker has made remarkable achievements, putting his technological


Spotivity Raises 1 million in Seed Funding Round

Spotivity, a Chicago startup dedicated to guiding the youth, recently raised 1 million in seed funding. This funding will be used to support the global launch of the app as it expands. This milestone, according to Founder Montana Butsch, “ time, determination, and a long


Henry Ford: Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Philanthropy

Henry Ford’s story is the classic portrayal of the American Dream. Nothing to Everything. He was a patriot; we see his love of America through his life and the legacy his company has continued to fulfill, even if that legacy is imperfect. Many know of

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