Ellie Diop is the definition of using your resources to your full advantage. During the pandemic, the government sent out $1,200 stimulus checks to help individuals keep their head above water. Ellie who recently lost her job and was in the middle of a divorce, decided to turn her luck around by starting a business. She knew this check would not sustain her family and she needed a long-term solution. Since Ellie had worked in the corporate world for years, she knew her business would center around money. Hence, Ellie Talks Money was built.

Although she was eager to start, Ellie made sure to do her due diligence and research her market. She needed to find a need that was not being met and capitalize on it. During her research efforts, Ellie discovered that a lot of business advice was coming from the POV of couples in relationships or couples in relationships with kids. There was no business advice coming from the POV of a single mom. Ellie had found her way into the market. She would begin to offer business advice from the perspective of a single mom.

Once, she secured her foundation. It was time to gather the supplies she would need to launch her business. Keeping in mind that she only had limited funds to work with. She made sure that she designed her own website and that the graphic design tools and lighting equipment she would acquire would be good but inexpensive. All together she spent $500. Exceptionally good, especially for launching your own business. The last and most important thing needed was clients. Ellie needed to start attracting and generating potential leads. One way she used was free coaching. She would start dropping tips on how to start a business. This enabled her to build trust within her target audience and before long she was offering courses and bringing in a revenue of $2 million. How amazing and inspiring.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.