Within the beauty community, there is a clear need for more representation. Although there has been some progress, there is still more work that needs to be done. Aurum79 Beauty, a company founded by Black and Latina women, aims to provide products for women of color.

The Uniqueness Within The Name

Aurum79 Beauty founders Nathalie Day, Bridget J. Harris, and Camille Walker
Aurum79 Beauty founders Nathalie Day,Bridget J. Harris, and Camille Walker

The uniqueness of Aurum79 Beauty is embedded in their name. “Aurum”, meaning gold, represents the brand’s gold standard. “Gold is ultimately where beauty meets utility. There is a reason that there is such a thing as a ‘gold standard’…it represents the best, most reliable, or most prestigious thing of its kind,” say the founders.

Aurum79 Beauty was founded out of necessity. Bridget Harris, a co-founder of the company, recalled needing a product for a trip. After having a hard time finding the right product for her skin, she found what she was searching for online.

“It was so frustrating that it took so much time,” says Harris. “And I knew that this couldn’t be the only Black-owned product that was amazing, yet tough to find. I wanted to find a way to break that access barrier for Black/brown-owned beauty products that didn’t have access to traditional retail space and ultimately help women of color identify and navigate products tailored to meet their needs.”

Because of this need within the beauty community, Harris alongside Nathalie Day and Camille Walker, created Aurum79 Beauty— a company that would provide women with the most effective brands created by people of color.

What Sets Aurum79 Beauty Apart? Their Focus.

Black entrepreneur applying red lipstick
Black entrepreneur applying red lipstick

What sets Aurum79 Beauty apart from others is its focus on women of color, age 35 and up. This focus highlights the issues present within the beauty community. Women over the age of 50 spend nearly $22 billion annually within the beauty industry. Yet they feel as though companies within beauty ignore them. “Aurum79 understands that you don’t age out of wanting to look and feel beautiful and take care of yourself despite what the media may show,” say the founders. They hope that prioritizing women of color 35 and up will be aspirational to other cultures and generations.

Aurum79 Beauty hopes to represent more global brands, especially those that may not have a domestic reach. They’d also like to expand their portfolio to include products made by men of color.

“Women of color are not a monolith…”

Black entrepreneur applying lotion to skin
Black entrepreneur applying lotion to skin

When asked what advice they would give women of color entering the beauty business, the company had this to say:

“Women of color are not a monolith, so there are still tons of areas where product innovations can be made to cater to our skin, hair, and overall wellness. And while the market may seem saturated, there is room if you have a great idea. Find your white space and go for it!”

For more information on this innovative company visit Aurum79 Beauty’s website.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.