Starting a business is never easy, and anyone who has ever done it will tell you just how stressful and complex it can be. When husband and wife duo Anna and Zoltan launched EasyFluffy in 2019 (then known as HyggeFabrik), little did they realize what the world would have in store just a few months later? The COVID-19 pandemic has placed immense pressure on businesses across the globe, but EasyFluffy has defied the odds and been able to flourish. 

“I don’t think anyone could have predicted what 2020 would bring,” said co-founder Anna, “and as a small, family-run business here in America, we were really worried about how our business would manage. From the very beginning, though, we have strived to stand out from the crowd through our high-quality blankets and unrivaled customer service, and I think this personal touch has really helped us over the last 18 months.” 

EasyFluffy’s success has not been easy. However, it does reflect a growing shift in consumer habits since the pandemic began. The world of eCommerce has boomed since March 2020, with online retail sales increasing by 32.4% in 2020 compared to 2019. 

Blankets that stand out 

Of course, while consumer trends might be changing, quality remains paramount, and the EasyFluffy range of blankets stands out thanks to their superior quality and design. There are few more comforting things than wrapping yourself up and making yourself cozy in a blanket, and the 220GSM EasyFluffy fleece blankets are perfect all year round, thanks to being soft, breathable, and warm.

Suitable for the entire family, EasyFluffy has worked hard to create a truly comprehensive range of products for its customers. “Blankets are not just a great way to keep yourself cozy,” continues Anna, “but they also make a fantastic gift for your friends and loved ones. Since we launched the brand, we have always been pushing to expand our range to offer our customers a huge choice of blankets.” 

“Whether it is our fun Best Friend blankets, which come in a beautiful pink and are adorned with warming phrases, our navy blue World’s Best Dad blanket, or our loving I Love You blanket, there is something for every occasion. We know how tough it can be to find that perfect gift for those closest to you, which is why we offer blankets for everything from Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries to those just looking to cheer a friend up.”  

The premium range of EasyFluffy blankets is perfect for cuddling up underneath, made from 100% fleece, and comes in a large 50” x 60” size. Each blanket is also able very easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it can remain to look fantastic for many years to come, while they are also incredibly lightweight, which means they are perfect to use as a picnic blanket or to take on vacation. With the entire range enjoying a five-star rating on Amazon, customers also have complete peace of mind in the quality of the product they will be receiving. 

“Buying something online can still seem like a risk,” finishes Anna, “but here at EasyFluffy, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best customer service possible. Our mission is to exceed your expectations in everything we do, and we strive to provide a wonderful experience from the moment our customers begin their journey with us.” 

If you want to find out more about the entire EasyFluffy range of premium blankets, then you can check out the full collection exclusively on their Amazon store now.