Born in Houston, Texas, and raised up in Atlanta, Georgia, Rittik seems to be on his way to challenge the status quo in the music industry, as he continues to bless the ears of music lovers across the globe with his unique style as evident in his single, Fast Track. The talented artist made the grandest possible entrance into the industry, kicking off with a freestyle track titled “Slimey,” which has gone on to garner over 100,000 streams.

Inspired by real-life experiences and hardships, Rittik has honed his skills over the years to develop a unique style as a songwriter and artist. His relatively short spell includes 3 tracks that have done remarkably well so far, with a total stream count of over 250,000 on Spotify and a combined stream count of more than 500,000 on all major platforms.

Rittik music is undoubtedly on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal artists of the new era. Rittik’s unique sound has generated a lot of buzz in recent times, with his authenticity standing him out from other modern-day artists.

The California-based act began his interesting musical journey began at the tender age of 12. Music served as a means of self-expression for Rittik and he decided to pursue a career in his newfound love of music. The resourceful artist has constantly demonstrated his creativity and ingenuity, putting together idiosyncratic sounds and words to deliver high aptitude wordplay and breathtaking music.

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