Desean Gray, better known on social media as Ashthelll, is an young African-American digital artist, and graphic designer. Ash first started designing early 2017 and he started posting artwork the same day. Ashthelll first gained recognition when he made a social media header for Fortnite content creator Kiwiz.

The post instantly skyrocketed gaining 2 thousand likes in just a few hours. Desean has since become well-known as one of the best artists in the scene. He has also become known as being very versatile when it comes to his artwork, changing up his style every few months. Early 2020 is when Ashthelll truly made his mark. He joined multiple teams in the gaming community. Desean Gray, aka Ashthelll, was born on May 28, 2004. He was raised in Houston, TX & has lived there ever since. Ever since his early childhood Ash has always been a creative person. Playing games like Mario Kart, Zelda, and Sonic, have had a huge impact on the type of work he does today. He has also loved watching cartoons growing up so even though having no siblings, he was always entertained.

As of June 2021, Ash has more than 17 thousand followers on Instagram, 5 thousand followers on Twitter, and 1.4 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Desean has wanted to expand more and on a variety of different platforms like tiktok, and twitch, so expect him on those platforms in the future.

Ashthelll first started posting on Twitter in November 2017 and he joined Instagram the same day. On Twitter, Ash would first start by posting banners & profile pictures, to later expanding too much more. Desean actually made a YouTube first in 2014 but to only watch content. He only uploaded his first YouTube video a few years later when he posted a video showcasing a design he made in speed-art form.

Ash has been recognized by an enormous number of celebrities over the time of his career. He first started working with members of FaZe clan, a huge Esports organization, to later work with other well-known Esports corps. He has made artwork that has been noticed by people like FaZe Kay, FaZe Swagg, NRG Clix, Ewok, Sway, Preston, Adapt, Gfuel, and many more! His career began to fly when he got noticed by Famous makeup artist James Charles. Sooner than later he entered a graphic design cover-art challenge which got him recognized by Grammy award winning, Multiple No. 1 billboard rapper Lil Nas X. Ash felt as if one of the biggest highlights of his career was being a sent a PR package by the biggest and most widely known design software on the planet, Photoshop. 

Striving to be creative and different, Ash works hard coming up with new and creative concepts for his work. He has begun many different trends with his art and will continue to do so. In the world of design trends are always changing. But change is nothing new when it comes to Ash. His work varies from movie posters, advertisements, social media work, concept art, and even 3D! He has experimented with many different forms of art and is tries to learn something new every day!

Ash has recently started a new series of designs with the brand Apple in the center of it.

­As you can see his work is outstanding! The way he can showcase the product while letting his creativity shine is something that has always made Ashthelll’s work stand out.

We have all heard to the term practices makes perfect, but in Ash’s case it shows greatly. When he first started designing, Ashthelll was already excited to put his creative mind to use, yet to his surprise it was not as easy as he thought. It was frustrating for him to not be able to bring his creativity to life due to his lack of knowledge with the program. Instead of quitting Ash decided to work harder than ever to make the work he is so proud of today.

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