• Memoraball was founded by football aficionados to celebrate the most legendary moments in the sport, imprinted in high-quality and comfortable socks
  • Available at memoraball.com with free worldwide shipping on all orders over 10€
  • Part of the sales will be donated to support Covid-19 emergency response

Lisbon, March 18, 2021: You no longer need to master the sport to have the world of football at your feet. Memoraball, a Southern-European startup recently launched a wide range of colourful socks that pay tribute to legendary football moments and players.

Memoraball socks are designed and made in Portugal, spun in bright shades out of an exquisite blend of 80% Combed Cotton, 3% Elastane, and 17% Polyamide. The socks can be purchased online at memoraball.com separately or in themed bundles, with new product drops and deals every week.

“At Memoraball we see football as an art form. We are driven by a passion that has made us gather artists to interpret iconic football moments into what is football’s ultimate speaking vehicle: your feet. By wearing one of our legendary moments, each piece of art becomes an extension of your personality” comments the company’s CEO.

Memoraball recently expanded its product range with certified social masks and t-shirts that illustrate the most iconic heroes or landmarks in the beautiful game. From Pele to Messi, Maradona to Ronaldo, this emerging company pays homage to the greatest football heroes and their immortal moments, using Creative Commons Licensing – part but not all with “no official claim”.

Comfort, creativity, and memorable football moments from head to toe, the hard thing will be to take it off.

For more information, visit memoraball.com or contact: Filipe Henriques filipe.henriques@wadlab.co

+351 934 849 838

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