Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album Sparks Denim Showdown Between Levi and Shein

Beyoncé's venture into country music with her album "Cowboy Carter" has not only topped charts but also sparked a denim craze. Levi saw a 20% increase in store visits post-album release, driven by Beyoncé's influence in denim fashion. Competitor Shein, known for trendy and affordable clothing, capitalized on this trend by releasing a Western-inspired festival wear collection. With both brands vying for dominance, Beyoncé's impact on music and fashion continues to reverberate.

Multi-faceted Artist Timmy Ong Showcases His Talent

It is a fact that the arts are interconnected as you see more and more singers who can dance, act, and write. Without a doubt, it is hard not to mesh all four or at least learn all those disciplines to become a well-rounded artist.


Sam Ash Shifts Its Tune Closing Physical Stores in Digital Age Transition

In a significant shift reflecting broader retail trends, Sam Ash, the renowned musical instrument retailer, has announced the closure of 18 physical stores, including its iconic Midtown Manhattan location. This move underscores the challenging transition from brick-and-mortar operations to online sales in the digital age. Despite the closures, Sam Ash is committed to evolving its retail strategy to better serve the music community, highlighting the company's adaptability and its century-long legacy of fostering musical talent across generations.

Dunkin’s Super Bowl Spectacle The Dunk Kings Debut Led by Ben Affleck

For an engaging and effective visual representation of the Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial news without directly depicting real public figures, I suggest creating an image that focuses on symbolic elements tied to the storyline. Imagine an illustrated scene featuring silhouetted figures on a vibrant stage, with the spotlight shining down. These figures, abstractly representing the band, are dressed in pink and orange tracksuits, symbolizing Dunkin's brand colors. The background is adorned with musical notes and instruments, subtly incorporating Dunkin' coffee cups and donuts into the design. This scene is set against a backdrop suggestive of a Super Bowl atmosphere, complete with flashes of light and an excited audience silhouette, encapsulating the commercial's energetic and playful essence. This approach respects content policy while effectively conveying the commercial's theme and Dunkin's marketing creativity.

Spotify Prepares to Test Apple’s Reaction to the Upcoming EU Digital Markets Act

GPT In a landmark move, Spotify is set to challenge Apple following the introduction of the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), effective from March 7. This groundbreaking legislation aims to limit the dominance of digital "gatekeepers" and counteract unfair competitive practices. Spotify's response includes new app designs for EU users, highlighting transparent pricing and diverse subscription options, directly opposing Apple's traditional restrictions. These changes, contingent on Apple's compliance, signify a pivotal shift in digital market dynamics and consumer choice in the EU.

Music Publishers Sue Anthropic for AI Model Trained on Song Lyrics

In a groundbreaking move, three major music publishers—Universal Music Group, Concord Music Group, and ABKCO Music—have filed a lawsuit against AI company Anthropic, alleging that its AI models infringe on copyrights related to song lyrics. The lawsuit, filed in the Nashville division of the U.S.


Multi-Talented Artist Spreads Her Wings Across The Globe

It is truly remarkable to witness an artist who excels in singing, acting, and modeling all at once. Balancing all three endeavors with apparent ease is a rare feat, but for Malaysian native, Mizz, it comes naturally. Through her extraordinary talents, Mizz has successfully connected


SXSW 2023 – Controlled Chaos

If in the words of John Steinbeck the best-laid plans often go awry, “controlled chaos” seems to be the operative expression to describe South-by-Southwest (SXSW) 2023. With so many offerings and tracks to choose from, at some point & on some level it seems prudent


Duolingo is Building a Music App

Duolingo, the popular language-learning app, has become a household name in recent years with its gamified format that allows users to learn dozens of languages with ease. With over half a billion registered users, the app has proven to be a massive success since its


The Surprising Effects of Music on Productivity

According to research by Dr. Nick Perham, a lecturer in music psychology at the University of Wales, listening to music while working on a task that involves words or numbers can decrease productivity. Dr. Perham’s research showed that it took participants who listened to music


Things to Know Before Visiting Michigan

Michigan is a great place to move to for retirement or your holiday destination. The place is populated by less than 10 million people and is the most serene location for one to find peace. The state with Great Lakes has a lot to offer


Reggaeton Is Blowing Up The Music Industry, But Do You Know Its History?

Because Hispanic Heritage Month recently passed I thought it would be important to discuss some topics that are going on behind the scenes in the Reggaeton world right now. Popular Reggaeton artist J Balvin has boycotted the Grammys this year because he believes, *translated tweet* “The Grammys 


Asian Import Vivi Hu Breaks Out With A New Single

It is no wonder that the stunning and talented songstress Vivi Hu has become an emerging talent on the U.S. music scene. Her musical style is a fusion of jazz, R&B, soul, and Mandarin pop. She has managed to blend her cultural roots into her

Entrepreneur sharing playlist

An Entrepreneur Playlist Reminding You To Live And Dream

Over the past couple of weeks, we explored different playlists for entrepreneurs. Music is a great motivator for a lot of people. It provides reminders for those who dare to dream or are fighting the urge to stop dreaming. Here’s to the next phase of

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