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2022 is upon us, and this is going to be the year that you finally keep your fitness resolution. It won’t be like the other times, when you made a promise you just couldn’t keep. 

You know how this story goes… It’s January 1st; you’re sipping lemon water on the elliptical set to an impressive incline. You’re sure that this is the year you prioritize you, and finally carve out time to take care of your physical health and fall in love with fitness. Work, family, friends, and your ever fleeting free time all laugh in unison.

By early February, your gym membership is eating away at your bank account along with the dozens of recurring payments you’re certain you never signed up for. (Spotify Premium, here’s looking at you.)

It’s not anyone’s fault that life just gets in the way. Many forms of self care have begun to feel obligatory for many women. It’s hard to prioritize the way that we feel, mentally and physically, when the world seems to be unraveling around us. 

In 2022, it’s important that we’re intentional about carving out time for ourselves and our passions (aside from work!). The gym is a good place to do this, as is your living room, home office, wherever you can stretch out and unwind. 

There are countless resources that’ll make you fall in love with fitness that you can utilize from anywhere and don’t require your bank info and social. 

Let it be known that “fitness” doesn’t have to look like spending two hours in the back room of a gym deadlifting twice your bodyweight. For some, fitness means waking up a half hour early and taking a walk around the neighborhood to warm up for the day. (If you’re a runner, the rest of us commend you. Seriously.) For others, it means enjoying a 15-minute YouTube yoga session and promptly falling asleep after a long day. 

Whatever your preference, there’s a realistic and likely enjoyable option for you. 

For the Gym Rats 

If you’re looking to become better acquainted with the equipment at the gym, or to improve on your form, these resources are essential!

Form tips and exercises by Kylie
Form tips and exercises by Jazz Hennessy
Exercises and inspiration by Natalee Barnett
Complete step-by-step workouts with Whitney Simmons

For the Fit From Anywhere Crew

If you’re socially distancing from the gym, these at home exercises are for you.

Apartment Friendly Workouts with MadFit on YouTube

Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube

Free, at home exercise program by Chloe Ting

Some More Body Positivity for Your Algorithm 

A little dose of self love for everyone.

Bree Lenehan on Instagram
Anna Archer on Instagram
Sophie Butler on Instagram
Clara Guillem on Instagram

Time to Implement Your Fitness Knowledge

These are just some of the countless resources available to help jumpstart your journey to self-improvement in 2022. (Remember, self-improvement in fitness means stronger, not smaller. Be sure to engage with body positive media in the year ahead, and always!)

It’s time to place trust in the process, rather than the outcome. The moment we accept that there is no medal to be won, no final or best version of who we aspire to be, is the moment we begin to find joy in everything that we do. 

In 2022, we’re forming love connections with taking care of our minds and bodies. So throw out the scale, clean up your algorithm, lean into that emotional attachment you have with your reusable water bottle. 

As you embark on your fitness journey, remind yourself that this time you will be successful. You have the necessary tools to figure out what works for you, so make it work. You got this!

How are you meeting your fitness goals in 2022? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.