What Are the Risks and Rewards of Olympic Branding?

Explore the intense realm of Olympic marketing as brands vie for global attention during the Summer Games. This analysis delves into the strategies of major players like Nike and Adidas, their significant investments, and the challenges they face, including public backlash and strategic shifts. From high-profile athlete endorsements to niche sports targeting, discover how these brands maneuver through controversies and capitalize on Olympic exposure to enhance their market presence and brand credibility amidst the competitive frenzy.

The Best 10 Amazon Marketing Agencies in Florida:

Discover the top Amazon Marketing Agencies in Florida to propel your e-commerce success. This guide highlights essential factors to consider when selecting an agency, including proven track records, expertise in Amazon SEO, and customized marketing strategies. Learn about Biz Spartan and nine other leading agencies specializing in enhancing your Amazon presence, optimizing product listings, and executing targeted ad campaigns. Whether you're seeking to improve visibility, increase sales, or navigate Amazon's competitive landscape, this article provides valuable insights for achieving unparalleled success on the world's largest e-commerce platform.

Vrbo Unleashes Record Marketing Blitz to Challenge Airbnb’s Dominance in Vacation Rentals

In an ambitious effort to secure a larger share of the vacation rental market, Vrbo, an Expedia subsidiary, is launching a bold advertising campaign to stand out from Airbnb. Expedia plans to spend about $7 billion on marketing, targeting Airbnb's unique listings indirectly through witty ads. While Vrbo focuses on private, whole-home rentals, contrasting Airbnb's shared spaces, it trails behind Airbnb's 7 million listings with just 2 million. This strategy, aimed at vacation hotspots, sidesteps the urban short-stay market, where Airbnb excels, leveraging Vrbo's niche in premium vacation rentals to challenge Airbnb's dominance.

How to advertise your startup to attract investors and shareholders?

Investors and shareholders are the lifeboats of a business whenever the business is likely to sink they come into use to save it. You can’t expect to grow a startup business by yourself without the investors and shareholders. Your company will likely go bankrupt without


Sell The Write Way! The Importance Of Rhetoric In Copywriting

The fact that anything is sellable stems from the fact that anything is advertisable. What is mostly overlooked in the field of entrepreneurship is the pivotal role that writing plays within every business venture. Copywriting involves the construction of text intentionally meant to persuade a


Burger King’s New Ad Campaign Will Warm Your Heart

In a refreshing change of pace, Burger Kings across France and the United Kingdom have started a new campaign to urge consumers to order takeout. However, not from their company. As the pandemic drones on, Burger King advocates people order from independent restaurants instead of


Google Is Trying To Create A Trigger-Free Environment For You

There are tons of things on the internet and on social media that can be triggering for millions of people. From ads on your social feeds to just Aunt Karen posting on Facebook about controversial topics, it can all blend into one another and make


There’s A Sexy New Colonel Sanders Biopic Thanks To KFC & Lifetime

If you were flipping through Lifetime on Sunday, December 13th, you definitely came across a bizarre sight. A Lifetime original movie starring Mario Lopez as American businessman Harland Sanders. A Recipe for Seduction centers on a woman named Jessica who falls for a hot new


The Value Of Commercial Creative In Influencing Target Audiences

I travel the country giving talks, conducting workshops, and implementing strategies for small business. But many have noticed that I don’t look like a typical ad man. They normally tilt their head to one side and try to figure out why I don’t appear to


How To Make Your RV Rental Business Standout Against Your Competitors

Renting an RV is an excellent choice and can be an essential asset for your trip. And from a business perspective, RV rental businesses are great ways to earn and invest. However, you’re not the only one who thinks like this. Competition in RV rental


What Do Advertisers Gain From Stealing Your Attention Online?

Attention economics is an approach to the management of information that treats human attention as a scarce commodity and applies economic theory to solve various information management problems. According to Matthew Crawford, “Attention is a resource and humans only have so much of it.” 1. What


How AI Will Impact Marketing and Advertising

Artificial Intelligence technology is important because it enables human capabilities – understanding, reasoning, planning and communication, and perception – to be undertaken by computer software increasingly effectively, efficiently, and at low-cost. Simply put, AI is a system that can perform tasks that normally requires human


Court Demands Verizon Stop Claiming Their 5G Network Is Most Powerful

Our continuous culture depends on a working grid of electricity, telecommunications, and the internet that not only never goes down, but also constantly speeds up. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have all been promoting their 5G wireless services. Each one believes that their service is the


The Dangerous Way Facebook And Google Harm Your Local Community

While Facebook and Google have become essential in easing our daily lives, the monopoly and influence that they hold can be dangerous. For example, the way in which these companies harm local communities is massive. From spreading disinformation to controlling money for advertisements, their affect


How To Buy A TV Ad On Hulu For Only $500

The corona pandemic has changed a lot of things, but media consumption has not been left behind as advertisers now have to come up with new ways and methods to reach audiences. Reports by Marketing Dive show that advertising costs have dropped after markets were


How to Use TikTok to Expand Your Business

Tiktok is an app, originally known as, where teenagers and young adults lip-sync and dance to well-known songs or audio clips. Tiktok can be most easily equated to the app Vine, which was popular from 2013 until it shut down in 2017. There are


Spotify Dominates The Podcast Industry With Gimlet Media

With the impending death of traditional television, marketers are at a loss. Because so few people sit and watch live TV nowadays, commercials are no longer as powerful as they once were. However, neither are the streaming services that so cunningly forced TV into the


3 Mistakes Starbucks’ Largest Competitor Has Made

Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice! Fall is finally here. As everyone flocks to Starbucks to grab their favorite PSLs, one of its competitors is left scratching its head. Luckin Coffee, the Chinese chain that was once predicted to take down the Goliath, is currently shaking due

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