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Burger King’s ‘Ghost Pepper Whopper’ will spook up Halloween business.

According to a prominent food blogger, Burger King aims to spice up their trademark Whopper in time for Halloween. According to an Instagram post by Markie Devo, an influencer known for breaking exclusive fast-food news, the ‘Ghost Pepper Whopper’ will be available at certain Burger


Subway Refreshes Menu With 12 New Subs

Subway has recently announced a new menu called the Subway Series that includes 12 new subs, grinders and other items. These items can be ordered by number or by name. The new menu items are part of a larger refresh that started last summer. The


Burger King’s New Ad Campaign Will Warm Your Heart

In a refreshing change of pace, Burger Kings across France and the United Kingdom have started a new campaign to urge consumers to order takeout. However, not from their company. As the pandemic drones on, Burger King advocates people order from independent restaurants instead of